Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Little Performer

Our little princess is quite the performer.  She loves to dress up, dance and sing.  Here she is dressed up as Arial from the Little Mermaid singing along with a card she got for her birthday. It was so sweet.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday LeAnne

October 11th was an amazing day this year and 4 years ago!  People think I am nuts but LeAnne's birth was an empowering day and I look pray I am blessed with the opportunity to experience labor and delivery again!!

LeAnne has been so excited for her birthday this year.  She took cupcakes to school on Monday and got to wear a birthday crown.

  She loved spending the morning with Grandma Marcia making cookies.  Then after I got off work we headed in to town to have dinner, and dessert.  We went to Pizza Hut for dinner and LeAnne got her own cheese personal pan pizza which she loved.  Then we headed to Petco so LeAnne could pick out which fish she wanted as part of her birthday presents.  She got an adorable Little Mermaid fish tank and a beautiful Betta fish that she named Fishy Splash.  After that we headed to Dairy Queen for a birthday dessert.  She got a chocolate covered ice cream cone and was most interested in the cone rather than the ice cream.

Then we headed home she got to open her gifts from daddy and mama.  As she opened her Leap Frog camera she said "Sweet"!  She is having a blast with it.  She also got Fox in the Hounds DVD and an education computer game. 

It was an amazing day and we look forward to celebrating with family and friends on Sunday.

Fish Splashes home

Fishy Splash

See what LeAnne did in schoo!!