Wednesday, July 31, 2013

LeAnne Lost Her First Tooth and other happenings of the summer for our girl

On the evening of July 26th LeAnne came to  me and said her mouth was hurting. I told her it could be a tooth getting ready to get loose and gave her an ice pack to suck on.  The next morning sure enough she had a loose tooth on the bottom in front.  She was so excited she had to call EVERYONE and tell EVERYONE she knew and complete strangers that she had her very first loose tooth.  Well the novelty wore off that afternoon because she was in pain.  Then she began to panic because it hurt and she didn't like having a loose tooth anymore.  I gave her some Children's Aspirin, had her keep eyes then heat on her face and relax in front of a movie.  That worked for a while then she started crying again and almost in a panic because she didn't think it would ever come out and she would always be in pain.  Oh my!  I called my mama and she brought over some medicine to numb the area.  That evening was quite comical because she was crying and Christian was crying at one point. John was getting ready for his night shift and I was pulling my hair out.  I had just finished giving her more Aspirin when she pulled out her tooth.  OMGosh she was so excited!  She didn't even freak out about the blood which surprised me.  Then she says "look at my new smile mom". Oh how cute it that!! Then we had to call everyone to tell them she had lost her first tooth.  We put her tooth in an envelope and put it next to her.  That night the tooth fairy came, left her a cute note and a $2 bill.  :-)  
See how loose it is

LeAnne's New smile

Our girl is doing amazing with her swimming lessons this summer!  It's night and day compared to last year. She isn't afraid anymore, is so much stronger of a swimmer and is having a blast.  She dunking all the way under to do bobs, doing front/back floats almost on her own, her kicks are improving a lot and she can swim with a noodle by herself!  She looks forward to swimming lessons everyday!!

LeAnne set a goal the beginning of the summer to read 100 books and she made her goal!  She was a reading machine when summer first started.  She was a ravenous reader. She read anywhere from 2-5 books a day and dove into her first chapter books.  Towards the end she lost a little momentum and didn't want to read.  I really wanted her to make her goal so I encouraged her daily to read at least two books and she met her goal! One of the ways I encouraged her to read was by having her read to her little brother. He loves listening to her read.  She is great to show him the pictures and tell him about the book. I told her she is helping brother to learn about things which is so important.  Daddy and I are so proud of her!  I hope she always loves to read!!  
Reading to Christian

Just finished reading her 100th book of the summer