Friday, September 26, 2008

Girls clothes are FUN & see her walking

Mama got a few new tops and some nice shoes yesterday for work and of course I couldn't get out of the store without an outfit for LeAnne. It was on sale! The top & jacket fit her well but the pants are a lil big. Our girl is growing! I know I am biased but man she's one beautiful girl! I love her so much! She's in rare form today. Mixing it up, throwing mama off, not following her normal schedule, into everything, and getting frustrating when she can't get what she wants when she wants it. That's my girl! She's one busy bee, she's a thinker and she perseveres. I've been trying to get some video of her walking so here are my attempts, none of which are that good but I wanted to share something. I am so proud of our girl!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gettin dirty!

LeAnne had so much fun playing in the dirt while we did some weeding yesterday. Oh boy did she ever get dirty. It was straight to the bath tub once she was done playing.

Exploring the tree and playing with the walnut!

Can you see how dirty her face
is? She had so much fun playing with this flower!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I WORKED today!!!!

8:00am today I got a call from the substitute coordinator for the Dayton School district. I was thrown off by the lateness of the call and I'll tell you that I hesitated for a minute or two. I had so much I wanted to get done today, to prepare for my interview tomorrow but then I felt the tug saying hello you can turn down this opportunity. You need to get your foot in the door, turn this down they might not call back and you can't turn down a chance to make money for your family. So I called mom and we sprung into action. I was at Dayton Elementary by 8:35 am. Ironic thing is I was a sub for the person who got the teacher's aide position I interview for. UGH! Today made me want the job even more! Within minutes of being there I had 4 eager/antsy 2nd graders looking at me. It was reading time - we worked on sounds of letters. They did well. After my second group of readers I had recces duty, then break and then recess again. Then I did math with 2 4th graders. That went very well! Then I had lunch room duty, recess and lunch room duty again for different grades. Then I had lunch myself! It was so much fun to go home to my lil girl so excited to see her mama. The school is 2 minutes max from my mom's place. Then when I went back I helped 2 lil girls with their math. that was a challenge, they needed some help for sure but did well once we got into it. Then I had a break but Thank God I went back to the main classroom because I had to hurry up and figure out how to teach a 4th grade reading lesson. OMGosh the teacher and aides had a week to learn how to teach this stuff and I had 10 minutes max! Ahhh That was the most stressful part of the day but thankfully the 3 boys I had did fairly well for the most part. It was a challenge, but we worked through it. Then I hung out with a group of kids before they got on the bus to go home. I was at my mom's by 3:05pm to pick up LeAnne! Oh man I want that job!

Our God is so GREAT! I was so nervous this morning as I prayed on the way to school that He would guide me every step of the way and prayed that LeAnne would have a good day with Grandma. He provided once again!! PRAISE GOD! When I felt inadequate I pulled it together and just kept on moving forward. LeAnne has an AMAZING day with grandma! She napped well, is walking so much more, did eat the best, was so happy to see her mama and is napping right now. Thank-you Lord for this amazing day!! Off to cook dinner and clean up! John's home so he's eager to help.

Go Seahawks!

We had a fun weekend with Auntie Katie and Grandma Nana!! LeAnne was really warming up to both of them a lot more. She was showing them all her skills like waving, making a kissing noise, walking, kicking, playing with her ball, putting the shapes in the shape sorter and just being cute. :-) Nana spent almost all day Saturday with us! That was a lot of fun! She kept saying what a busy bee LeAnne was. On Sunday LeAnne has to sport her Seahawks cheerleader outfit! What a cutie! My camera was on the fritz so these are from auntie Katie's camera but for some reason because I saved them from the web the quality isn't the best. Stay tune for more pictures. I love the one of her and Nana! It was a great weekend... now if I can just get little one to sleep better. I got 5 hours in a row last night! SWEET! My job interview is tomorrow! Please keep them prayers a coming!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What happen a year ago today?

Through out my pregnancy I was asked time and time again "when would I stop working". My plan was to work up until LeAnne was born but that's not quite how it turned out. A year ago today, Sept 20th, 2007 was the last day I worked. I was placed on bed rest after my afternoon doctor appointment due to my high blood pressure. It's hard to believe that I have not worked outside of the home for a whole year. The original plan was for me to return to work when LeAnne was 6 months old so it's been a huge blessing to have been able to be home with her almost a year. Although I would not recommend any new mom look for a new job while learning how to be a mom because it is very stressful. I love this picture. This is where I spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I had to check my blood pressure 3 times a day, had weekly, then bi-weekly doctor apts, ultrasounds and non-stress tests. Looking at my belly I miss being pregnant. It was so amazing to feel my little girl growing inside of me. There were many times during our infertility journey that I didn't think I would ever be able to experience this miracle so I feel very blessed. Our God is so GREAT! I am so thankful God blessed us with our precious daughter!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Babblings of a mama who needs a nap...

I should be taking a nap about now because the last 2 nights with lil girl have been a little rough but I must finish cooking dinner, and find our floor underneath all the toys in the living room. So while I wait for the chicken to finish cooking I'll babble a bit.

I love my daughter so much! I cherish all our moments together.

Yike I almost forgot to add noodles to that boiling water.

My hubby is so KOOL! He works so hard, makes time for his girls and hold the phone he remembered to make coffee for me last night! This mama greatly appreciated just having to push the button and when she got out of the shower her caffeine was waiting! Thank-you sweetie!

Has anyone seen my creative brain? I need her to come back... come on girl we have a scrap book page that must be created, it's for a special occassion and must be done Sunday night.

Dear Lord please let this job be where ya want me!

I started teaching LeAnne about stacking blocks today. I know I am a bit biased but she's one smart girl. She actually copied me and stacked one block. Look out world here comes LeAnne!

My poor Havanese mix (Gracie) has another ear infection but hopefully this mama has it under control.

I had lunch with my sister today! It was so cool to chat with her and we had the best sandwhiches ever. My auntie Katie brought over these sandwhiches from QFC, they're turkey, cranberry, and cream cheese on a baqet bread. yum!

My mom, auntie Katie *& Grandma had a blast at the quilt show today.

The movie Baby mama isn't that funny. I am going to watch Made of Honor tonight.

Oh that's right I am supposed to be scrap booking. We'll see. Maybe it will inspire me. Nuttin like a good chic flick to get the wheels turning.

LeAnne has been walkin a lot today. I've been trying to get a video but as soon as the camera goes on she drops to her knees to crawl.

gotta jet...LeAnne is up! HUH? I am not done making dinner. The floor is still covered with toys. I did say I loved ALL the moments with her right. I do!

I am back... it's about 10pm here. Finished up the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, then LeAnne helped me pick up her toys (well sorda), we started the coffee and woke up daddy. Lil girl went to bed around 8:30pm, woke up crying about 10 minutes ago, she's back down now and now I am watching Made of Honor. So far it's okay.

I wanna make a trip over to the West side to see some friends and family but we can't spend that kind of money for gas right now and John has a ton of projects going on that he's been working on his days off.

More soon...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another job interview - Is this the one? 100th post

I got a call this afternoon from the director of Special Ed director. I have an interview for an education assistant position on Tuesday Sept 23rd at 8:30am. Is this where God wants me? I'd love this job! Please pray! Yeah it's a drive but it's what I wanna do, the wages might be higher, the hours are more what I want (7:30am - 3pm) and the vacation schedule is amazing!!

I also received an email from the Christian school in town asking if I would like to be a substitute teacher. Huh? I am going to call the gal back but it has me thinkin maybe I need to look into getting my Bachelor degree and becoming a certified teacher. Do they offer education grants to us older crowd? It would take me quite a while but it might be worth it. I'll be praying and researching that too!

I just realized this is my 100th post -- NEATO!

Thanks for the prayers!

Monday, September 15, 2008

So many thoughts whirling in my head I had to make a list...

Hello there! I am warning you now this is going to be a post full of the ramblings of a young mama. Through out the day I have so many thoughts going through my head, I've been making notes about my thoughts so I'd remember, I've been wanting to blog, but one busy lil bee keeps her mama hoping. There are a few amazing blogs I read, these extraordinary women have multiple children and I really would love to know how they keep up with their blogs. Time is limited so I'll jump right in, sit down, buckle up, and lets get going. Oh and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE any and all comments!!

God's provision & guidance

I am so thankful God has provided for our family. This time last year I would never have imagined I'd be able to be home with LeAnne for almost a year. Don't you just wish God would hold up a big sign saying "Turn Here"? I know I do. Don't you wish God would give you a glimpse into His will for your life? I know I do? I am praying for His will, I am looking for some insight into where to turn next in regards to me finding a job but it's dark, please turn on the lights God. Show me something. I know in His perfect timing He will bring that opportunity before me. As usual I am very impatient. I just hope I am not missing what He's trying to tell me.

Waiting for the Call...

I turned in all my paper work and had my fingerprints taken so the district can run a background check. I am ready to be a substitute as an assistant, a paraprofessional, a kitchen helper and a library assistant.

Pondering a few ways to make $$

Should I try selling Creative Memories or doing after school day care? Do I take the risk?

It's called Interaction

So yesterday evening I am cooking dinner, John is watching LeAnne and I hear him talking to her about what they were doing. It was so adorable. John is such a good daddy! It makes me love him even more to see him with his lil girl. LeAnne was using the lid to her cookie jar as a cell phone and sharing it with daddy. They were taking turns talking on the lid phone as daddy called it. At one point I hear him say this is what you call interaction. It was a priceless moment.

John's Birthday

He worked on the fence most of the day and felt great about what he accomplished. Then mom watched LeAnne and we went to dinner at a local cafe. It was so YUMMY and even better that it was virtually FREE. We used the rest of the gift certificated from our realitor/loan processor and my mom gave him some money for his b-day. We both had the Ribeye steak with some veggies and corn cakes. Have you ever had a corn cake? It was really good. I must figure out how to make it. Then we came home and I had made him a red velevet chocolate cake with raspberry filling. He LOVED it!! I did good!

3 Layout a week Scrap challenge

I didn't make it this week! I've got 1 page almost done, and added some pictures to a page that was completed by someone at my baby shower. I have 2 pages I must get a roll on for something I am doing for LeAnne's b-day. John goes on nights starting tonight so I'll do them after lil one goes to bed. The one night I scrap booked this week was an amazing experience. Read on...

I highly recommend Hypnosis for birth!

I went down to my scrap room after a challenge time of putting LeAnne to bed needing to create and relax. I turned on my nano, came across the play list that I used while in labor with LeAnne and thought I'd put it on for a bit. OMGosh I instantly started to relax and was taken back to that day. I have not listened to the music since she was born. It was so awsome! While pregnant with LeAnne I took lessons from Nancy Allin in Belleveue, WA to learn hynosis/relaxation techniques to help me through labor & delivery. I highly reccomend learning these techniques. Even if you plan on using drugs I still say learn how to relax. The experience will be different for every woman, it won't take the pains away, it is guaranteed to lessen the pain, most women labor faster and with less complication. I have also used these techniques to help me relax, go to sleep at night, get through pain, and reduce stress. I had an amazing birth experience and I owe it to these hypnosis techniques and the support of my husband. If you have questions please feel free to ask.
My man's been busy today

Check it out... John finished the fence in the area by our garage this morning. It looks awesome! He does such great work and feels so good when he can complete something. We are waiting to hear from the city so he can build the rest of the fence. His goal is to have it done by LeAnne's birthday party.

Tupperware is so COOL!

Ya gotta love Tupperware.

Pig tails & Pocket bibs

My niece put LeAnne's hair in pig tails today. It's adorable! They looked better before her nap but here's the best picture I could take. She is looking more and more like a little girl and less like a baby. I love these pocket bibs. They're awsome! She had Cherrios, real cooked carrots & potatoes from our Pot roast dinner, some diluted apple juice and some baby food Sweet Potatoes and Chicken. Yummy stuff! Can we say messy!

Well I must run, LeAnne is playing with daddy and the dogs and I wanna go play before daddy has to be off to work. Grandma Marcia is coming over later to watch LeAnne so I can mow our lawn. Oh LeAnne took 6 steps today and then made a turn! Look out! I am looking forward to your comments!!!

Okay one more picture because I just saw it and was like YIKES! This is definitely one to show future boyfriends. LOL!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can you believe she's 11 months old?

*Update* To answer your questions ~ She actually ate a lot last night but was extremely messy about it. We have a 4 year old Havanese/Shih tzu mix (Gracie) and a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Bella). They were our first babies and have had to make quite the adjustment since our little princess came along but they're doing GREAT! Oh BTW I'd appreciate knowing who ya are, I don't make a habit of approving anonymous comments. Thanks for reading my blog, I love writing it.

It seems so unreal that our little girl is 11 months old today and in a month she will be a year old! 11 months ago today I was 9 days away from being put on bed rest for my high blood pressure. Now at night as I sink into our bed I am exhausted but full to the brim with joy! It seems like just yesterday we brought our little girl home from the hospital and now look at her. She is learning to walk, discovering new constants (R & G), loves her Cheerios, is full of smiles, is learning how to play ball with mama, is learning to drink out of a sippy cup, has mastered the fine art of waving, and is starting to learn how to match up shapes. You should see her when daddy comes home from work..she gets so excited! Lately she has been waving at all the pictures of our family in the house, it's too cute. She's really starting to understand what No means, she doesn't like it but she's listening better. Being a mama is a lot of work, can be quite frustrating and demanding but it's awesome! I love our little girl so much. LeAnne and I went to the Hoyecki's place today. She got her pictures taken with the pony and played in the rocks with Auntie Kim. She thought it was all pretty cool, although she's not sure about the sound of the tractor yet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Greg & Luke/New sounds

Happy birthday to Uncle Greg! My lil bro is entering his last year of his 20's, in talking to him this morning he says "it's just a number, it's not like I can turn back time or anything". It was great to talk to my lil bro this morning.

Also celebrating a birthday today is a wonderful little boy in California. Happy 1st birthday Luke! Luke's mom & I met online on a yahoo message board while we were on our infertility journey. I've gotten to know Amy quite well, we've talked on the phone and e-mail frequently. We are admit we will meet one day. I know they have lots of family and friends around them as they celebrate Luke's 1st birthday today. I would appreciate if you would keep Luke in your prayers as he has a Dr's apt later this month with his cardiologist to determine if he will need surgery on his heart. I'll share pictures of Luke's birthday with you if Amy doesn't mind.

LeAnne's newest noise is too cute -- sounds kinda like a lion roaring but missing a few sounds. I'll get it on video if I can but until then here is a cute video I took yesterday. I'll apologize in advance because it's sideways...oops . I don't know why I do it but I do it ALL the time. If anyone out there knows how I can fix it please e-mail me or comment. It was too cute not to share though.

okay must be off to change her poopiness, then off to watched daddy building her fence. Love ya'll!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Never a dull moment...

LeAnne learned how to suck out of a straw today!! It was too cute,I've got some really cute pictures to share with ya. Our girl is such a ham for the camera. She can be contently playing, see the camera appear and turn on the charm. Get this earlier this week I had someone ask me if LeAnne was 2 years. old. HUH? It's gotta be the hair. LOL!! Daddy is workin this weekend so we are going to do the Dayton fair with Grandma Marcia today, go to church on Sunday and then go ride the Hoyecki's pony Nubby.

In other news my sister got a job as a pharmacy assistant at the Pharmacy in town. Go sister! I am so proud of her!!!

I have a call into the Dayton School district to get all my paper work done so I can be a substitute. I'll call again on Monday, I think with the fair in town things pretty much screech to a halt. I hope they use me on a consistent basis until I find something full time, we are startin to get concerned about $ and I really don't want to be forced to do a job with long hours that I'll hate. Open my eyes God to see the path you have for me.

I appreciate your continued prayers for God's guidance in our lives and prayers of thanksgiving that He is providing for us. On to the pictures...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I took the challenge...

Sept. 4 -Stop the presses... I actually started 3 scrap book pages today in my pregnancy album!!! Earlier today I was reading a blog I frequent often (she's an amazing scrapbooker) and she mentioned a friend of hers (also has an infant) has challenged herself to complete 3 scrapbook pages a week, so she was taking the challenge and offered the challenge to her readers. I am taking the challenging!! I need a goal, I won't let it distract me from everything else that must be done and I won't get mad if I don't make the challenge every week but I've gotta strive to find some me time. continued post on 9/7/08 ... I am realizing more and more that since having LeAnne, quiting my job at Boeing, and moving across state that who I am has been rocked to the core, shaken up a bit and now I am working to put me back together. It was fitting that my first 3 layouts were in my pregnancy album. I am almost finished with them, but they need a little more embellishment and I'll do that when LeAnne goes down tonight. They are simple layouts but I have a feeling for a while my layouts will be simple due to time, and my creative juices gotta get warmed up again. It feels good to work in my craft room. I loved being pregnant, especially the middle of my pregnancy. I loved feeling LeAnne move. I know this sounds odd to most women but I'd eagerly be pregnant again and I want to experience labor & delivery again. My labor and delivery was amazing. I truly believe that the hypnosis techniques that I learned and John's support made all the difference. If I knew that baby #2 would be laid back and sleep through the night I'd already be chomping at the bit to get pg again. Note I didn't have any drugs except Pitocin to induce my labor after my water broke and I was in hard labor for 10 hours. That being said I am pretty sure we will wait until LeAnne is almost 3 before we start thinking about #2. Without further babbling here are the layouts.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Please spread the word...

I don't usually post things like this here but this one affects me daily. I have PCOS. I am one of the blessed who after 5 years of infertility with the help of an infertility drug called Clomid was able to get pregnant and have a beautiful daughter. I still know other woman who have never been able to have a child due to PCOS.
Please pass this along to all your female friends.

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: ♥ Spreading the PCOS word ♥
Date: Sep 1, 2008 10:55 PM

Please do me a favor and Help spread the PCOS word. All you have to do is hit reply at the bottom of this bulletin, copy the code and paste it into a new bulletin.

Thanks for showing your support and spreading the Awareness!!

P.S. oh and take 5 min.
and watch the video at the bottom of this bulletin :)



Monday, September 1, 2008

A peak at John's handy work!

John painted our front door red this weekend! It looks REALLY nice! This picture also shows some of the porch. He put a lot of time and hard work into making the porch look so good. Amanda helped him with the porch and it was a neat to watch/listen to them working together. The next project is a fence to create a back yard. I am very thankful for all that John does around our house to make it look to GREAT!