Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We had an AMAZING night!

Good Morning...and I mean GOOD MORNING! We had an amazing night. LeAnne slept so good -- mama's so proud! She sure does love playing too! It's like she changed overnight. She's a lot more active, talking up a storm, making new faces, wants to be put down to fall asleep herself and is sleeping much better. SWEET! Mama's wish of a silent night for Christmas might come true. LOL!! I say might cause I know it could be all different tonight. If I've learned anything already it's wait if ya think you've figured something out, got a routine in place...wait a second and it will change!! I tell ya that's okay..I'll take a night like last night even just once in a while. I actually didn't know quite what to do with myself this morning. Here's to hoping that I might, just might be able to get some pictures scrap booked in the near future. I feel so blessed!

Luv ya'll


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

LeAnne having fun playing

I am trying to have LeAnne get more play time both on her back and her tummy each day. Also working on her being awake more during the day and teaching herself how to soothe herself to sleep. For the first time today I swaddled her, rocked her a bit, then ladi her down in the bassinet, gave her her paccifier and let her sooth herself to sleep. Yahoooooo she did it! Whew maybe just maybe this mama might get some sleep someday. She loves looking at herself in the mirror and loves music. She'll be 7weeks old on Thursday. WOW where did the time fly!