Saturday, April 26, 2008

No fear ~ future horse lover

LeAnne has absolutely no fear of the horses. She reaches her little hand out right away to pet their big noses. She sat on Nubby for the first time yesterday. I think we have another horse lover in the family. SWEET!!! She loves being outside and loves to feel the wind in her face. Auntie Kim always asks her if she's going to be the next barrel racer but mama isn't ready to think about that one. :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Videos of our girl playing on the floor

I took some videos of LeAnne playing on the floor last night. She had so much fun scooting, checking out all her toys and laughing at Bella girl. Daddy will be so excited to see what his girl is up to while he is gone.

Short version of LeAnne laughing at Bella --

LeAnne scooting up a storm, checkin out her book of colors and more --

Another video of LeAnne playing on the floor and laughing at silly Bella dog --

Monday, April 21, 2008

Look what mama gave me...

Auntie Kim was over to watch LeAnne today and said you should give her a cookie. I thought it was too soon for cookies but auntie says no way go for it. She really liked it! I'll have to post a good after picture, I went off to the Chiropractor so aunite got to clean her up. I am sure they're will be many more of these in her future. She thinks they're pretty yummy!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

High Chair time/6 month Dr Apt

Yahooooooooooo!!! LeAnne's high chair came in today! Thank-you grandma Marcia! It will most definately make feeding time easier. We put her in it for a few minutes today and she was having fun. Today we also took LeAnne to her 6 month Dr apt. We went to Dr Wren in Walla Walla, who was recommended to me. We LOVED him! He was very thorough, let us ask questions, very personable and great with LeAnne. Before we went into the apt John and I bet on how much she'd weigh - I said 15 lbs and daddy said 16. Daddy won - he was closet. She weighs 15 pounds 11 ounces, is 26 inches long and her head circumference is 43.5 cm. She definately remembered the examination table. At first she was okay but then she started crying hard. Poor girl! She got 3 shots today. Good news is that she won't get anymore shots now until she is 1 year old. She'll go in at 9 months for an exam and an anemia test. We are so blessed to have a happy and healthy little girl! She was really cranky when we left the office so I gave her some baby Tyelenol and she took a nappy while daddy got his hair cut and we went grocery shopping. She's been in a really great mood this evening. Daddy is feeding her right now and then I am sure she'll be off to bed. I LOVE watching her with daddy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blessings upon blessings...

I am such a blessed woman! Today was a wonderful day and I just feel the urge to write about it. Let me back up and say yesterday was rough because I have had a nasty cold, LeAnne was an energizer bunny, cranky at times and I was none too happy with my hubby. So Monday I let my feelings/concerns be known to my hubby and Monday night we talked it out. I am so thankful we can both be honest with each other and keep the lines of communication open. These are things that helps us to continue to grow. Neither of us is perfect, our marriage as is our lives continues to be a work in progress and we trust with God at the center of our lives we will continue on in the right direction. Okay I am babbling, back to today. LeAnne was pretty mellow today. She woke up around 5:15am, ate and fell back to sleep by 6am and slept until 8am. This LONG nap gave me the opportunity to shower, straighten up the house, start some laundry, apply for a job and answer some e-mails. Then she was up, ate breakfast cereal and pears, had a bath, played and then went down for another nap. My sister and niece came to visit and I was able to have a nice talk with them while lil one slept. Then she woke up, played and in the afternoon she went down for another nap -- this nap was such a blessing. It gave me peaceful time to make dinner so it could cool enough to go into John's lunch, clean the kitchen, and take the dogs outside for a bit. Oh man the peacefulness was like heaven to my ears. Then she woke up but wasn't ready to get up so since I was so ahead for the day I sat down in the chair with her, covered up with my fave blanket and we napped together for 2 hours. WOW! I feel like a new woman since I don't sleep well with John working nights. Then when John woke up we both enjoyed some time with him before he left for work.

I am so not looking forward to Sunday since I take John to Pasco airport at 3am in the morning so he can catch his flight to Little Rock, Arkansas to attend the Police Academy for 5 weeks. I am gonna miss him so much. He will be home May 24th. I can't believe we will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on May 19th. I thank God daily for bringing us together and pray that God will protect our marriage, help us to grow, pray that we will always look to Him for direction and help me to love my husband as God loves him. I am working on notes to put in his suit case and got the mailing address so I can send him pictures since we are not sure he will have Internet access.

Being a mama is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life. I am so incredibly blessed! There were many times in the last 5 years that I didn't think I would have my own child. Now as this mother's day approaches I have a beautiful 15 year old step-daughter and an amazing 6 month old daughter. I was thinking back this week how scared I was when I found out we were having a girl. Girls are complicated. I am having a blast with LeAnne, I look forward to the bond we will share and I pray God will guide me in raising her to be a beautiful young woman.

Ya know even though we have more challenges ahead of us I know God will not abandon us. He has a perfect plan for our lives. All things are possible with God!! Thanks for reading the babblings of one blessed wife & mama bear!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring is here!

Yahoooooooooooo!! Spring is here! It's 73 degrees here in Dayton today. We put LeAnne in her play pen with some toys in the front yard while we weeded our flower beds today. She LOVED it and was content for about an hour. She loves to be outside. Yes I did say the W word, ICK we weeded and then planted the flowers my grandma gave me last weekend. It looks nice! LeAnne is in the cutest little sun dress today. It is so nice to have all the windows open with a nice breeze flowing through the house. Okay I must go cook dinner and such while LeAnne is still content. :-)

Friday, April 11, 2008

LeAnne is 6 months

LeAnne is 6 months old today. That is 183 days,15,811,200 seconds, 263,520 minutes, 4392 hours, or 26 weeks. :-) I swear she changes DAILY. It was a beautiful sunny day here in Dayton so I took her outside -- she touched the grass for the first time EVER - she didn't seem to mind and loves being outside. When she's really upset I walk outside with her and she almost instantly is better -- I call it her reset button. She also had her first taste of vanilla yogurt today and a tiny bit of chocolate milk shake. Both she LOVED!! She wasn't in the best of moods today. I think she's at the tail end of a cold and teething. For a while their was nothing either daddy or I could do to make her happy. She is outgrowing her swing. Thank goodness Grandma Marcia ordered her high chair and it will be in SOON. She is starting to like some fruits - bananas seem to be the best and will tolerate the oatmeal. She loves playing on the floor - she rolls all over and is starting to scoot. She thinks it's fun to grab our faces with both of her hands and squeeze -- OUCH! Of course she loves grabbing our hair and holding! OUCH!!! She kinda says ma ma, sometimes it sounds more like ah ma but only says it when she's either hungry, not feeling well or tired. My mom get use to that one. She's not squealing quite as much and laughing a TON more. Her smile will melt your heart! She has started to be leery of strangers and definitely knows who mama and daddy are. Last week I left her with John so I could go get my hair cut and when I got home she was so happy. I turned to mush -- I don't experience that often. PRAISE GOD our savings has held out and I have been able to be home with her. I continue to look for work knowing God will provide and He has a perfect plan. Oh poor thing -- I think she must have poked her eye cause she has a small red spot on it. She goes in for her 6 month check up and shots on the 17th so I'll have the Dr check it out. We plan to have her pictures taken too but I don't know if we will have time before John leaves for Arkansas April 20th, that may be a job for grandma and I. LeAnne and I survived our first 2 night shifts. EEKS I didn't sleep for nothing and it was pretty lonley -- I've gotta get out and meet some people. I need to go see a Chiropractor next week because I messed up my back and walking is no fun. I hope it's something he can help with because I don't wanna go to a Dr and will NOT have anymore surgery. I don't have time to be down so I just gut through the pain. It slows me down and I HATE it. Little girl will be on the move before I know it and I need to be able to keep up with her. :-) I am thinking LeAnne should be up to eat any second and then we can all go to bed. Oh that's the other thing she is sleeping better --most nights she sleeps at least 6 hours in a row and now more often she is sleeping 7-8 hours. Yahooooooo!! Gotta love it!! Thanks for reading my babblings! :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

6 months in a few days!

It seems so unreal that our little princess will be 6 months old on Friday! Oh how life has changed for our family. New baby, moved across state, bought first home, John started new job, I quit my job and continue to search for a new job, and Amanda turned 15 April 8th. Ooofta!

Savana watched LeAnne for us Tuesday evening while John and I went out to dinner. We tried a nice local restraunt in town. We had a nice dinner and lots of fun being together. Sav did great with LeAnne.
Tonight is John's first shift. LeAnne was one grumpy girl tonight. I think her cold is still hanging on a bit. She finally went to sleep about 9pm after finishing a bottle. :-) SWEET!! I've got laundry going and now I am going to surf for a while. I am not looking forward to going to be knowing John's not home. I am half temped to sleep in my chair to be closer to LeAnne.

We had a great time last weekend with all our family in town. It was so nice to see Aunt katie, Grandma Nana and Grandma marcia. They couldn't believe how much LeAnne has changed.

I am going ot sign off for now because my attention span is short tonight. Here are a few recent pictures of our sweetie. We will be getting her 6 month pics done this weekend. Love ya'll

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

She's a scootin, screamin bright eyed banana lovin, arm flappin beauty

She's on the move! LeAnne has started scooting around on the floor to get to what she wants and also is able to turn herself with her arms/upper body very well. She still get stuck but she's workin it out.

Yesterday she was playing with the ribbon on her pacifer holder and I took it away because she kept pulling the binki out of her mouth and I was tryin to get her to go to sleep -- she looked at me and screamed this scream I've never heard before. I was like are you kidding me? I tried to just ignore her but after a bit I was like okay not holding you anymore so I put her in her swing where she proceeded to fall asleep for a few hours. That was a HUGE blessing so I could apply for a project management support role job with the Army Corps of Engineers.
Yesterday was also the first day I'd tried bananas with her. Of course the first few bites shew was like WHAT? Then she really started to like them. She actually opened her moth for a few bites instead of me having to shove the spoon in her mouth. I think she ate more than she wore yesterday too.

She has also been sleeping better for a week now. She now loves to sleep on her tummy which kinda freaks me out but I know she can move her head from side to side. She was a little restless last night but overall she's sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours at a time at night. SWEET! I don't know what to do with that much sleep. I am actually thinking about setting my alarm so I can get stuff done before she gets up. We'll see.

Only a few more days until Grandma Marica, Auntie Katie, and Grandma Nana come to visit us! Yahooooooooooooo!!!

I'll upload a few random pictures of her over the past few weeks. I tried to get a scooting video but it was LONG so I'll try again. First picture is a messy Marvina. On this day she was thinking NOPE I am not gonna eat mama. The next picture is of her in her baby rocking chair. We've moved from the bouncer to this. She really likes it cause she can sit up more. I can't believe she will be 6 months SOON.
We love you all TONS! Miss you! God bless