Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - scissors, glue and markers oh my!

LeAnne & I have had so much fun doing craft projects this summer!  Today we made insects using household products and some things we collected on our walk this morning.

My future coupon cutting helper.  Today as I was cutting coupons she would say "I'm cutting coupons", " I'm going to town". It was adorable!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Moments of our Lives - Week 5

Hello again!  This week is a bit of a blur.

I loved seeing my student on Monday.  He has grown a ton and is looking more and more like his dad.  I met with him and his Occupational Therapist to do some testing since she will be moving on to another job.  We will miss her a ton. She helped us learn a lot last year about his Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I am looking forward to new challenges with my student this year.

On Wednesday while I went to my doctor appointment daddy made a hat with LeAnne.  She has enjoyed wearing it all week long.

Friday morning we took LeAnne to Sears to have her pictures taken.  She did very well and they turned out nice.  Click here to view the pictures. 

Friday afternoon LeAnne discovered she how to hit a ball with her bubble wand and LOVED it.  Daddy and I were amazed at how well she was doing.  Will she be the athlete in our family?  I said can you say scholarship and daddy says can you say team USA.

This is John's last weekend on days until February. He starts working nights next week. :-( We don't like it but that's just the way it.  We'll make the best of it and look forward to February and be thankful for all the time he has been on days. 

Sunday was a girls day because our guy got called in to work.  Sunday over time pay we gotta take it.  LeAnne and I had a laid back Sunday. We started working on the letter I with a few crafts.  The high point of our day was walking to the city park across town for the Rockin Redeemer concert.  LeAnne played in the park while we listened to a variety of Christian artists sing.  It was a fun time of play and worship. 

LeAnne has been very into the Veggie Tales these days and is starting to sing the theme song.  It's absolutely adorable!! We love these precious veggies! 

Its so sad to think I only have one more Monday of summer vacation.  School starts Tuesday Sept 6th.  On one hand I'll really miss the lazy days of summer but on the other hand  I be happy to have our routine back, happy to see my co-workers and my student.  I hate the thought of not being with LeAnne so much but I know grandma Marcia has miss her and we'll make it work.  Next week I'll recap our summer and set some goals for the school year. :-)

Have an amazing week!  HUGZ!

The Leonard's

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bump 2 Baby event

Children are awesome and um EXPENSIVE! Our storage room is stuffed with baby clothing, equipment and toys just waiting for little Leonard # 2 to make his or her appearance.  I often day dream about little Christian Thomas or Hailey Josephine...

Are you pregnant? Recently had a baby? Maybe you're a soon to be grandma or in the process of trying to conceive? Regardless of which category you fit into if you have baby on the brain I have an event you don't want to miss!  Two amazing mommy bloggers J.Leigh Designz & Minnesota Mama's Must Haves have teamed up to host an amazing event from prized you'll use while pregnant and after your little bundle of joy arrives. This Event will feature many, and I mean many, amazing products that every mom would love to have.

You know I'll be entering like crazy! It may mean less sleep for this mama cause Sept is going to be a time for transition; back to work for me, back to nights for daddy and back to daycare for LeAnne. I'll sacrifice a little sleep for the chance to win big! :-)

The Bump 2 Baby Event starts September 1st.  Get a sneak peak at the sponsors and get your bonus entries.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday - Love God with all your heart

I have not been taking many still pictures lately so thought I'd share this awesome video of the very first bible verse LeAnne memorized. 

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Love God with all your heart. Mathew 22:37 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moments of our lives - Week 4

This week was a bit of a blur and I did keep up with this post daily but here we go...

Tues 8/17/10 - It's letter G week and  I found recipe online to make gum drops using water & Jell-0. All I had in the cupboard was lime so I made green gum drops. It sorda works.  Its not gummy rather a big ball of sugar & isn't a pleasant taste. I am wondering if I made another flavor and only used a tiny drop of water so they were smaller if it would be better.  I may try this or next time buy some gum drops at the dollar store. :-) Grandma Marcia came to our rescue by getting LeAnne some gummy bears. :-)

Tues 8/17/10- I got goodies from Mr. Fed Ex & Mr. UPS today!  Mr Fed Ex delivered the Flip Slide HD camcorder I won!  LeAnne was napping when it arrived so I was able to figure out how it worked. Oh I LOVE this thing!! It's so easy to use, takes great quality videos and it's easy to upload and share your videos.  You'll certainly be seeing a few vlog's from us. :-)  Then Mr. UPS delivered my winnings from Growing Tree Toys.  A roll of paper to put on LeAnne's easel, wooden magnetic alphabet letters and an alphabet book.  The latter 2 items will be for her birthday.

Tues 8/17/10 -  When LeAnne got up we put glue onto a capital and lower case G then added glitter.  Oh what a mess! I think I need to get some of those glitter glue pens.  LeAnne loved it! According to LeAnne it was "perfect", this is her newest word she uses when things are just the way she like them. :-) 

Wednesday 8/18/10 - Will this girl ever sleep well consistently?  She woke me up around 1pm, cry sounded odd so I got up, rocked her a minute and back to bed we went. Then she woke me again around 3am, but I could tell she was fine so I turned the monitor down and from time to time turned it up to see if she was okay.  Soon it went quiet but the next thing I know the cry and hey mom sounded really close with the monitor down.  This would be because she was standing outside our door! Ahhh this is a first, she got outa bed, walked upstairs.  On the way back down stairs she tells me she is wet, I change her then she's ready to hang out and I am like um NO you are going back to bed.  Oh dear girl!

Thursday 8/19/10 - I actually went out tonight to do something fun!  I went to a Lia Sophia jewelery part a friend had. I won a nice necklace playing ring bingo and bought a really nice necklace.  There is so much I want so I think I am going to have a party in November. Who wants to come or place an order via mail that will count towards my party?

Friday 8/20/10 -   7:30 am the phone rings, its John calling, oh no what's wrong?  The truck lost oil pressure then died on his way to work. :-(  He had it towed to a repair shop and we should find out Monday what's wrong. He ran a diagnostic on it before the tow truck got there and thinks the engine could have seized and that will be pricey. :-(

Friday - LeAnne & I started on the letter H today.  She's doing really well with the sound for H.  We also did some stamping with hearts, and a house.  She is also working on her first ever bible verse this week (Love your God with all your heart Mathew 22:37) She's doing well! :-)

Friday night - LeAnne Kimberly! Girl what am I to do with you... up screaming once, get her back to sleep, then up again, I try to ignore so she goes back to sleep but before I know it she was up stairs, opened our door saying "mama wake up". Oh boy!  

Saturday 8/22/10 - Made an H cake today with a cool pan that Elaine got for me. It turned out well. :-)

Sunday 8/22/10 - Today was a really good day!  LeAnne & I had fun just hanging out at home and I felt good.  I like feeling like I can cope with whatever comes my way.  I want more days like today.  After LeAnne woke up from her nap we played with shaving cream.  She wasn't sure what to think but enjoyed it.  I had a great video of her making a capital H and saying her bible verse but oops I deleted it. :-(

Having turkeys in our front yard never gets old (as long as they don't tear up the flower beds). We even got a HUGE turkey feather this week from one of them. LeAnne is a little disturbed that the feather came out of the turkey. 

I am excited to see my student tomorrow for some testing.  I do miss him!  I LOVE being home though. I am going to miss my girl when I go back to work. I feel torn. I LOVE Summer!!  Okay gotta wrap this up and hang out with my girl. 


The Leonard's

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Friend Friday - Blog Hop

Let the Blog hopping begin...

New Friend Fridays

Wish you all a fabulous Friday & an excellent weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday - Big Giveaway SCORE

Ahhh! I am so excited!!! I love it when Mr. Fed Ex brings me goodies! The Flip SlideHD video camera that I WON on Sisterly Savings Blog during the Sizzling Summer Sweeps event arrived Wednesday afternoon. After I convinced LeAnne to go back to sleep I figured out how it works.  I absolutely love this camera! It is so simple to operate and share quality videos. The other part I love is the fact it was FREE. Yep this win further fueled my obsession for entering blog contests!

Happy Wordless Wednesday! One day I might actually submit something wordless! Ha ha! Head over to  5 minutes for Moms.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Moments of our lives - Week 3

Hello again!

Mon 8/9/10 - I love grocery shopping with my husband!  We share EVERYTHING when it comes to finances so I think its important we share in the spending of the money too.  Plus he's a really good shopping partner.  We go aisle by aisle and get it done. We've also teamed up to spend our  money (God's money) smarter by clipping coupons and using the grocery game  to help us find the deals.

Tues 8/10/10 - I had another appointment with the dermatologist to get the plantar warts on my right food treated. He froze 2 and put blister juice on 4 of them.  You know it's gonna be bad when the doctor warns you about infection (keep em clean), tells me not to hesitate to come in if I think infected and then says 3 times you WILL be in pain for at least 5 days. He says take it as easy as you can, take over the counter pain meds and keep your foot up.  I said "Great", just what the mother of an almost 3 year old wants to hear.

Tues 8/10/10 - This morning John was drinking his coffee out of his Veterans cup; LeAnne spells it out V E T E R A N and then says "coffee".  Daddy thought that was pretty darn cute. :-)

Wed 8/11/10 - OUCH! I am pretty sure I am DONE with my foot.  Thinking cutting the warts out the first time would have been smarter, instead of having to heal twice and hoping not to have to do it again in 5 weeks! Ahhh I can't do it again! I'll be back at work and there is no way I can walk.  I borrowed a pair of crutches from my mom but I am not sure what is worse, hobbling on my heal or using the crutches. I feel like the biggest baby on the block and I hate not being able to do anything without my foot throbbing.  So I do a few things, sit down to rest, do a few more things and that has been my day.  Thank God LeAnne is being mellow for mama today!!

Wed 8/11/10 - I got a call today from my Mary Kay director who was also a childhood 4-H friend.  I appreciate her A LOT!  She told me she is going to be talking about me tonight at the unit meeting because she has chosen me to be her most improved consultant. Yeah!  Plus I've heard I have a prize coming. :-) Thank-you for being so supportive Shelly!!

Thurs 8/12/10 - OUCH! my foot hurts so bad. Just coming down the stairs this morning was rough and I even thought about sliding on my buns a few times.  I am very thankful my awesome husband called in sick today to stay home to take care of his girls.  

Friday 8/13/10 - I am sick of talking about my foot.  I feel like a whiner. I am sick of sitting around all day long. I want the full use of my foot back.  I miss my foot! LOL!!  Good news is that I am able to walk on my toes some today!  I am hoping & praying my foot is well enough tomorrow John and I can still go on our day in Tri -Cities together.  We need a day to ourselves!

Saturday 8/14/10 - Tri-Cities here we come!!  LeAnne spent the afternoon with grandma Marcia while daddy & I had some much needed time alone.  Wrap that foot up good and we are going!  It was so nice to spend time together and not be heading to a doctor appointment. First stop was Khol's where we got some fall clothes for LeAnne.  Next stop Shopko to get some fall clothes for me!  John was such a big help! I was so shocked when he even said he wanted to see each thing as I tried it on. It was really nice to have his opinion.  I was even presently surprised to have gone down a jean size! As soon as this foot is better I will be hitting the Wii fit work outs hard. I MUST get this body of mine in shape! After ShopKo we headed to Olive Garden for an early dinner. Oh man you talk about yummy! It was such a nice treat. On the way home John was really sleepy so I tried talking about anything and everything to keep him alert.  We shared some laughs and I learned my husband doesn't like small talk, almost 10 years together and I am still learning new things about him. :-)  LeAnne had a very nice afternoon with grandma!

Sunday 8/15/10 - oops! We didn't get a move on it this morning so were not making it to church...darn! John is on his way to moms to mow and build some gates for her deck to keep the dogs off her awesome deck carpeting. :-) LeAnne and I  listened to music, danced  and cleaned the house.  Then while LeAnne napped mama finished up cutting/organizing her coupon binder.  So far clipping coupons,and hunting for the deals is saving us money.

Sunday 8/15/10 - We had some bubble fun this afternoon! It was lots of fun until LeAnne got some bubbles in her eyes.  As you'll notice in the video our neurotic bubble chasing Cavalier had lots of fun too.  Once Bella starts chasing bubbles she won't stop until there are no bubbles to be popped.  The poor bubble popping pooch wasn't feeling so well when we finished.  Her eyes were all read and she even got a little sick.  Good thing we don't do this often.

I can't believe Summer is coming to an end!  I don't want these lazy summer days to end!  LeAnne has been so much fun this summer.  I have been having dreams about school and I do miss my boy.  We have begun to plan a baby shower/birthday party family weekend for the 2nd weekend in October.  I can't believe LeAnne will be 3 soon! She requested a princess birthday, I am thinking we'll do a Cinderella theme.

Thanks for tuning into the moments of our lives!  Have an amazing week!

Love ya!

The Leonard's

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Scrappin 2008

I got all my photographs organized and actually completed 3 scrap book pages last week!

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LeAnne Oct-Nov 2009

Dec 2008
Christmas 2008

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moments of our Lives - week # 2

Last week was another week full of sun and fun!

Sunday 8/1 - Is is really August 1st? No No No I refuse to believe Summer is coming to an end! :-( boo hoo! I am having way too much fun at home with my family to have to go back to work.  One day I hope we can figure out a way for me to be a stay at home mama.  For now I have to focus on the fact God has placed a very awesome young man, who will be a 3rd grader this year, into my life and it's my job to guide him through the next few years.  This year is going to be quite the transition for my student.  He will be going into a new classroom, the academics will be getting harder  and I am going to start slowly steppin back to help him step UP so he can be more independent.  I do miss him!!

Letter E crafts

Sunday 8/1 - LeAnne & I made her letter E crafts today.  She wasn't quite into coloring so it was a bit of a struggle but I managed to get her to follow a wee bit of my directions which is all I ask.  She really loves the glue!

 Sun 8/1 - Grandma Marcia is home!  We missed her!  We got to see auntie Katie today.  Thank -you so much Jakobi for the awesome blue bouncing pony.  LeAnne really enjoys him!

Mon 8/2- We got to see Auntie Katie before she went home. We made a book of 8 Eights today - it has 8 stamps, 8 stickers, 8 buttons, 8 letter E's, and 8 people in it.  LeAnne did an awesome job of counting to 8.
Tues 8/3 - We decorated an big letter E with lots of eyeballs today. :-) Tonight was our towns National Night Out celebration at our city park. Its a night to help make the community aware of the services available to them (Police, Fire, & Health) LeAnne was deputized with a Jr deputy badge, and also got a fire man hat she keeps wearing backwards.  It was fun!

Thursday 8/5 - Who's that silly girl inside her pillow case scooting around the floor laughing saying "look mama"?  Oh yeah that would be our goof daughter LeAnne! Earlier today she had it on her head and was trying to bounce on the trampoline.

Friday 8/6 - I LOVE being a mama!  Watching LeAnne dance around & sing this morning has made me feel such joy!

Fri 8/6 - I think I might have figure out where I need to be right now with my Mary Kay business.  I absolutely love the product, I enjoy helping other women feel good about themselves, I see the potential of my business and right now where I am at in my life I think it needs to be a slow steady business.  I'd love nothing more than to be home with LeAnne as a stay at home mom and at the same time God has brought an amazing 3rd grader into my life.  I am committed to the next 3 years with my student and I feel that is where I am meant to be.  I do want to continue with my Mary Kay business to pay off my debt, keep serving my customers, and build my business slow and steady.  That being said I have one thing unresolved; we really would like to have one more child sooner rather than later (we are not getting any younger) but their is the issue of daycare. The who and how can we ever afford.... the ultimate goal is to figure out a way for me to be a SAHM, I was hoping Mary Kay would be that way for me, I still have not ruled it out and I am praying to see God's will. 

Fri 8/6 - LeAnne took a little spill at grandma Marcia's today.  She tripped over a hose and hit the bench. Split her lip open, little bruise on the chin and one on her eye.  A banana made it all better. Then she enjoyed picking plums at grandma's neighbors house.

Sat 8/7 - Boy our girl is an early riser (6am) and she wakes up ready to go.  She often wakes up asking questions or telling me everyone's eye color or thanking us for something.  This morning she commented on how cute the alphabet letters I made and taped to her wall yesterday.  She's a precious girl! :-)

Sun 8/8 - It's been a while since she was up this much at night.  I think I went to bed at 3am.

Sun 8/8 - Today was an excellent day!  Grandma Marcia came to church with us and really liked it!

Gracie & Bella have always been really great about leaving LeAnne's toys alone but LeAnne on the other hand thinks the dog toys are her toys. This week she has been acting like a dog; bringing me a dog toy in her mouth and wanting me to play fetch with it. Silly girl!

Hanging out in the dogs toy box with Gracie.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Unsual Visitor

A few nights we had quite the unusual visitor to our Star Gazer Lilly.  At first I thought it was a hummingbird but upon closer inspection I saw it was an insect but I had no idea what it was.  Does anyone know what this little guy is?

Yahoo! A friend just told me it's a Hummingbird Moth VERY COOL!!

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