Thursday, October 30, 2008

1 year Dr apt and much more...

LeAnne had her 1 year check up yesterday afternoon. She had so much fun playing with all the new toys at the Dr. She was one very very busy lil bee! She is 30.4 inches long, her head is 47.1 cm and she weighs 19 lbs 11 oz. She's a lil girl. We were surprised she didn't weigh more especially considering she was 18lbs 3oz at 9 months. We shouldn't be too surprised though as busy as she is. The doctor wasn't concerned at all and said she looks great physically & developmentally. She had a fluoride treatment on her teeth and 2 shots. Poor girl was none to happy the whole car ride home. I breaks my heart listening to her cry. We gave her some baby aspirin and she was better after having some dinner with us. She goes back to the Dr at 15 months and we need to get her into see a kids dentist before she is 2. Here are a few pictures from yesterday in the adorable outfit Amanda got for her this summer. She has her days where she is really attached to her binky and other days she only uses it for naps. I am not worried yet about her going to preschool with it. LOL!

Onto the next bit of news... I got the job with the Dixie school district! I will be a Para Professional, working with 1 first grade student who needs a full-time aide. My hours will be from 7:30am - 3pm. I start on Friday as a sub so my first official day is in November. I am excited yet reserved about the whole thing considering my last experience. I am nervous. I have to make this one work. Of course I'd love nothing more than to be a full-time stay at home mom but that's not something that can happen right now so this job really is a great compromise. I will only have a 20-30 minute commute depending on weather and such so I'll be home at a decent hour and still have time to spend with LeAnne. One of the most exciting things for me is that I will have a lot more days off and the summers off to be with our girl. Right now I am VERY excited I will be able to spend time with Amanda at Christmas! Depending on how we can stretch the $ I make and raises John may get I may not have to find a summer job. I really hope I can make a difference in these kids lives too! I love children! I would appreciate your prayers! I have lots going on today so must get moving. I'll keep my blog updated as I have time.

Here's a video message to her big sister Amanda --

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Stellan!!!!

Please stop where you are and praise the Lord because Stellan has arrived and although we don't have all the details his initial Apgar scores were 9 and 9! Click here for the complete post and keep praying for this lil man and his mama!

I've been praying and worshiping all morning in anticipation of this lil guys birth. I was just pondering the power of the internet to bring us together. They're have been thousands of people from all over the WORLD praying for this family. Now that's what I call awsome.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random thoughts from Mama bear

Once again I come to you with many thoughts whirling around in my head. Here we go...

Our girl is a champion sleeper!
She slept from 9pm Monday until 7:45am Tuesday! WOWSA you go lil girl!!! I had to wake her up so my mama could take her to pick up Auntie Kym while I went to a chiropractor appointment. She woke up with one heck of scratch on her face but she was happy as could be from the minute her eyes opened. Now that's what mama loves to see. A happy baby not the scratch. On a side note... she didn't take her first name today until just a short while ago, around 3pm. Talk about an energizer bunny!

Guess who is coming for Christmas?

AMANDA! We are so excited!!! Amanda is going to be spending at least a week with us at Christmas!! It is going to be so awsome to have our girls together for our first Christmas in our new home! Amanda is looking forward to seeing her sister so much!! We are in the process of looking for flights and found out they discontinues the non-stop flights so she will have a layover in Seattle so we'd appreciate prayers for her. I think she'll be fine but it's a little scary. Our girls coming for Christmas! Yahoooooooooooooo!!!

I wish I could be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)! I LOVE being at home, caring for my family makes my heart content, and being able to see LeAnne change daily is an amazing gift. I love being here when John gets off work, making him some breakfast, visiting before he heads off to sleep and it's so nice to have plenty of time to get dinner ready for him and make coffee for him when he gets up. I love our family!! I wish their was a way we could make ends meet but unfortunately their is no magic eraser to make our debt disappear.

Lord, what is your will?
Where am I meant to be? Help me to see through your eyes. What I wouldn't give to see through your eyes just a peak of your path for me. I feel my eyes are clouded by what I want and don't want. Help me to look less at myself and more towards you. Dear Jesus please help me to see YOUR will for my life. I want to serve you father. Where do I belong? I want to be the best I can be for you!

My To do List
Seems never ending at times. I am still working on Thank-you cards from LeAnne's birthday, my craft room needs organizing and of course the daily chores are never ending and I am learning to be okay with that. Now mind you some days are better than others. I've had learned though that the house being neat and clean is definitely a comfort zone for me. Though as my dear husband will tell you that applies to some areas and not others. Sometimes things don't always find their way back to the same home (drawer, counter, frig, freezer..) and it drives him nuts. I am a special girl!

I finished a book!!!
Yahoooooooooooooooooo!! I finished a book this morning that I've been reading since LeAnne was a few months old. I am up by 5am in the morning, shower and get things laid out for our breakfast routine. Then I have had a little spare time and I've been using it to read. I have at least 5 more fiction books on my nightstand waiting to be read and then a bible study I want to finish. It feels so amazing to be able think clear enough again that I can read, create and write! Praise the Lord for SLEEP, oh so precious SLEEP!!!

LeAnne loves books!!!

She spends a lot of time most days flipping through books, and we read to her. She's a book worm already. Thank-you Grammy Sally for LeAnne's book! Buzz Buzz Busy Bee is a HUGE hit with her! She lets me read it to her quickly and then she thumbs through it a lot during the day. I took a video that I will upload later. I also finally got pictures of the family into her book called "Who Loves Baby" and she loves it. She's been flipping through it all day long. She gets so excited! The only problem is the book only has 6 pages which means only six pictures. Our little girl is so blessed to have so many people who love her that we need to get her few more books to make sure every one's pictures it there.

I am so thankful...
Amanda & LeAnne have such an awesome daddy! John almost had me in tears the other day when he was talking to Amanda on the phone. The way he praised her for her grades and how beautiful she was since having her braces taken off made my heart leap for joy. Later John said he could hear the smile on her face. Good job daddy! It's so important for our girls to hear those things from their daddy! Yet one more reason I love and admire you!!

My back...
Has been really bothering me for a week or so but I saw the chiropractor today and I am on the mend. I love my chiropractor! I need to go back on Thursday and follow the his orders. His orders are to walk 15 minutes daily and stretch my hamstrings. It's all caused from tension. Me.. tense...nah? He said it's a shame for a person my age to be so tense. I told him my husband says the same thing. Okay, okay I'll work on it.

Fall here in Eastern Washington is
GORGEOUS! The colors are so vibrant! Great shades of red, orange and yellow surround us. I really must take some pictures to share with you. I will go on a walk and then a drive with camera in tow. You know what I love even SUNNY mornings followed by mild temperatures during the day. I think it's about to get a lot colder though. I am hoping for a white Christmas!

Interviewed Monday
for a para-professional position in Dixie and now I am playing the waiting game once again. If I don't get it then it's because of my lack of experience in the school district and/or they already has someone in mind (It's a small town thang) I told them I'd be willing to sub as long as I am not workin full time. Maybe I need to apply as a sub in ALL the surround towns and see if I could work in all of them. My only fear would be having to turn someone down because I am already subbing somewhere else that day. I'd ultimately LOVE to work for the Dayton School district.

Not me Monday
Another blog I read does a Not Me Monday and I've wanted to participate since she started it but never seem to get to it. I had a great one this week so I'll share with you instead. I don't miss the baby phase so much I'd have another baby right now in a heart beat if things were different. No that's no true because that would just be silly because I just started getting a normal night sleep and I am finally starting to be able to feel comfortable in my role as a mama. I wouldn't want to do something so silly as start all over so soon with another human life. Nope not me! Seriously all in God's timing! ** I didn't will LeAnne to sleep a few more minutes the other morning so I could read my book and enjoy a cup of coffee. Nope not me! Next week I am jumping on the Not me Monday band wagon. It's free therapy!

I voted today!
John's been asking me to fill out my ballot for quite some time now. I hate political crapola so it hasn't been top on my to do list. So this morning he taped the ballot to my forehead and said DO IT TODAY. So I promised him I would vote before turning on the computer again. It's done and ready to be taken to our county drop off sight. I am not 100% sure about some of my choices but it's done. Nope not gonna share who I voted for president. Only going to say I hope he wins and does some good for our country.

I hear

little one stirring in her bed. She's taken an amazing nap. So this ends another random thought trip from mama bear. Thanks for coming along. I'd love your thoughts and comments. :-)

Prayers for MckMama & Stellan

**Update** Please keep them prayers coming today & tomorrow! In a nutshell Stellan once again passed the test with flying colors. The amino went great, his lungs are mature and he will be here tomorrow 9:30am CST. See the complete update from Mckmama by clicking this link. They're is a lot up in the air as one of the Dr's told Mckmama and she said it best when she said yes they're is a lot up in the air that is in God's hands. Amen! Please surround this family in prayer!

I only know her by MckMama through reading her blog that I stumbled upon through reading another wonderful blog Bring the rain but I feel so connected to this family. Since I don't know how long I have before LeAnne wakes up I'll give you the quick version of the story. The diagnosis is technical so I'll copy and past it here:

From Mycharmingkids blog "MckMuffin is our 36 week old unborn son S--our fourth blessing! He was quite unexpectedly given to us, and even more unexpected was his diagnosis of heart failure: Premature Atrial Contraction at 20 weeks; Supraventricular Tachycardia, hydrops, and intermittent advanced secondary heart block at 23 weeks; and enlargement of the heart at 32 weeks. We were told at 24 weeks that he would surely die. God performed a miracle and MckMuffin is still with us! The doctors are unsure about what will happen to our baby when he is born. But God is not unsure!! We are praying for MckMuffin's full healing, but we know that God is good no matter what He decides."

It has been very humbling to follow this families journey and I am so thankful I stumbled upon her blog. She shares her life very openly and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Please pray for them today as they are at the hospital having an amnio to see if Stellan will be born TOMORROW. I'll keep you updated and have also linked to her blog for you above or you can click on the image of the family on the left side of my blog.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Boeing family ROCKS!

I was having a bit of a rough day yesterday; Feeling discouraged on the job search front, and my back was hurting pretty bad. So I turned off my computer and we went on a walk. When we got back I felt somewhat better, although my back was talking to me big time. Then the mail man brought me a wonderful surprise...the scrap book pages I created for my friends at Boeing to sign in celebration of LeAnne's 1st birthday. My auntie took in cup cakes and the scrap book pages so my friends could celebrate LeAnne' birthday too. Reading the messages made me happy but sad too because I miss my friends.

Thank-you all so much for being apart of our lives and for continuing to be apart of our lives. I did a lot of growing up the 7 years we spent together and we expereinced a lot of life together. In many ways I wish I hadn't left and I'd love nothing more to jump in the car to come see ya'll. I know in my heart God has a plan for our family here in our new home, it's been a rocky start and I'd be lying if I didn't tell you their are many days I wish I were sitting next to Jerrie in my desk in the 4-17 implementing airplanes. I remember when I first came to Boeing as a contract worker through Kelly Services, I recall the day Kitty & Pete asked me to be a scheduler full-time for Boeing, I am sure Dennis remembers the day I got into a tiff with Joe Isgro, still can't believe I made it through the big layoffs, learning ARTEMIS was like learning a new language but I grew to love that scheduling software. Oh so much better than P3e. I got married my first year at Boeing, remember my fake performance evaluation with Linda Byers that I declined because was too busy...a bridal shower, so cool. Who could forget the earthquake that shook us all and condemned the 10-85. Then we moved to the lake, froze our buns off in the factory, worked through the riveting and I survived Dost. I learned a lot about relating to different personalities and always tried to provide the best customer service. I'll never forget the day I met my future boss, working together on a process improvement team was sure fun. It was so much fun telling everyone we had a new blessing on the way. Do ya recall the shirt "The future lies within", ha ha, so many people asked if that was a spiritual message. Thank-you for all your love and support. A lot happen in between, like MMA, AIWS, lots of scheduling, implementing new airplanes in template administration, so many people came and went in our group, strikes, man challenges, and some really fun times too. I will be forever thankful for the experiences and look forward to visiting ya'll again.

Are you sure they isn't a job I could do for ya'll virtually from here? Ya'll know how hard I work, and I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to work virtually with ya'll. I'll commute there a few times a month. What a dream that would be. For now I must jet because lil girl is waking up. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Into Everything she is...

Yesterday it seemed every time I turned around LeAnne was into something she wasn't supposed to be or doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing. So being the scrap booking mama that I am I had to start capturing these moments. I have some great scrap book pages ideas running around in my head for these pictures. Hee hee! It seems lately she is testing us every time we turn around. Were told this is her job so we'd better get used to it. YIKES! Her latest thing to get into that has been driving me nuts is her changing table. She's been empting the drawers many times a day so last night daddy fixed her. He put saftey locks on the changing table drawers and the 2 bottom drawers of her dresser. She was none to happy to find out she couldn't get all her clothes out anymore. Mind you daddy did put new glides on the kitchen chairs so it will be easier for her to scoot around and MUCH more quiet. :=)

She's getting a lot more independant and plays very well on her own during the day. We've been letting her play in her room (with the baby monitor on & door propped open) a lot more and she is doing well. Thanks to all who love our little girl she has LOTS of toys to play with. She's always trying to figure out how things work and go together. Like right now as I type she has a bottle that she is trying to figure out how the lid screws on it. You go girl!! Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a mama! I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters, great family & friends.

Okay so all bets are off on lil girl playing good by herself at night, she's a morning/day person like her mama and gets down right cranky late afternoon to bedtime. So here's some pix before she melts on me. The absolutely adorable outfit she is wearing is from Grandma Nana. I mean is it too cute!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here I go again :-)

I've found a para-educator position with another nearby school district. I just got off the phone with the contact person and I am VERY interested in the position. I would be assisting one first grade child who is having some difficulty staying on track. Hello I am up for the challenge! The gal is e-mailing me an application, I will get it filled out and take it to the business office tomorrow. Of course my first choice would be to work right here in town but nothing is open right now and being a sub is not paying the bills. Prayers appreciated!

Can ya smell the chocolate cookies? This mama bear is baking today! mmmm the house smells good! Come on over for a cookie!

Worked yesterday & LOVED it !!

I was a substitute paraprofessional yesterday in our local school district. I worked in the Special Ed classroom and with a very sweet young girl in preschool at the elementary school. I LOVED it!! The kids were very COOL, and the other staff was so nice. The day seemed to FLY by so fast! It was great to be able to get LeAnne up, give her breakfast, dressed and then off to Grandma's. Then I went to mom's for Lunch and spent a few minutes with my fave girl there and once I was off work I was able to get to moms to pick up lil one and was home in the blink of an eye. Have I mentioned I LOVED it! I want a full-time job there so bad! I've asked the sub coordinator to use me as much as she can but so far I've only worked twice this month. Uh that won't pay the bills. They're is a position open for a para educator in Dixie which isn't too far away from us either. I am going to call on that position today. Prayers appreciated!

In other happenings John is home today and hope to get the rest of the fence stained. We got our grocery shopping done last night and did well. I am trying to learn how to eat a little bit cheaper and make our money stretch a little further. Gas here is $2.98! Let's hope is keeps going down, down, down. The fall here is beautiful! The colors are amazing. A lot of vibrant reds, yellow, and orange colors. I've decided not to sell Creative Memories. I just got to thinkin in this economy how many people are going to be jumping to buy an expensive scrap booking product, I don't really know a lot of people, do I really want to take the time away from my family to pay one bill sometimes and I don't want to turn the hobby I love into something I can't stand doing because I have to make my quotas. I have faith God will provide a way for our family! It's scary but we have to just keep on marching on.

Little girl is waking up so must run. Have a blessed day all! HUGZ and lots of love flying your way!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Walked to the park fighting off No-see-ums

LeAnne & I took a walk up to the Dayton City Park. It was fun despite being attacked by No-see-ums! I am not sure that is how you spell it but they're small mosquito type bugs. They are out in force here, it looks like it's snowing/misting outside but it's these pesky lil bugs. They're very annoying, I've eaten a few, LeAnne got one in her eye today and they were all over our clothes. I got a bite from one on my face too! ICK! My sister says they will be gone after the first freeze.

LeAnne had a good time swinging, walking around in the park and watching the big kids. I got a few cute pictures too. Oh and in other NEWS I just found out LeAnne is going to be in Siera's wedding this summer! I thought she was going to be too little but they've come up with a plan to have her ride their pony Nubby down the aisle. Too FUN!

Here is a short video of LeAnne & her little red wagon. Daddy was so excited to get her an authentic Radio Flyer wagon for the birthday. :-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkins & Amanda got her braces off & Grandparents

More pictures of our visit to Klickers to get our pumpkins, a picture of Amanda with her braces off and 2 pictures I really like. One is of LeAnne with her Grandma Marcia and the other with her Grandpa Larry. I am so thankful our little girl has grandparents who love her so very much!!

Grammy & Grampy's visit/1st Pumpkin

Grammy & Grampy got here on Wednesday afternoon from Salem Oregon. We had not seen them since we moved in February and it was a long overdue visit. LeAnne warmed up to both of them immediately. She was especially full of smiles for Grampy. On Thursday we headed into Walla Walla to go to Klickers, a local produce spot, to pick out LeAnne's first pumpkin. We let LeAnne walk around to check out the pumpkins, checked out the Reindeer, we picked out a few pumpkins and then Daddy & LeAnne climbed up the tall stack of straw. LeAnne was pretty excited when daddy let her climb the straw. It was really high up there but no worries daddy was always close by. Then we bought our pumpkins and headed home. LeAnne was sure to show Grammy & Grampy all she can do and they think she's pretty special. Grammy & Grampy left this morning. They're headed to Redmond Oregon to visit John's brother & family and then home on Saturday. We are hoping to get down to see them for a visit sometime this year. We need to get the whole Leonard family together.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss

Today, October 15th, is the National Day of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss. During my journey with infertility I had friends who suffered losses, my heart will always ache for them and I will be lifting them up in prayer today. In honor of Audrey Caroline, (I follow her mom's blog) and all who have lost babies because of miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or any other infant death, please pause to pray and reflect today. Angie has written a beautiful post about this special remembrance day. Please check it out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Random thoughts from mama bear

Hi there loved ones!! There are so many thoughts whirling around in my head tonight so hold on tight and prepare for random thoughts from mama bear.

Our backyard is so COOL!
We hung out in our backyard some today, I helped John the best I could while he was staining the fence, I mostly picked up walnuts and chased LeAnne around. The fence is so beautiful! We are thankful for such a handy hubby! He designed and built the fence himself. Thanks honey! I'll post more pictures once the stain is completed. I look forward to spending more time in our backyard! LeAnne loves being outside.

Fall is definitely here & Winter is close behind

This is our first fall in our house and we have been amazed by our walnut tree. It's losing it's leaves and walnuts QUICKLY. It's definitely a hard hat area near the tree. A walnut came within a few feet from hitting LeAnne as she played today. EEKS!

I love being a mama & being a family
Family time is oh so precious! I LOVE IT! I find I am most at peace when spending time with LeAnne & John. Being a mama is far from glamourous, in fact it can be downright frusterating some days but I wouldn't trade my role as mama for anything. I love it and I am learning! Now if I could just figure out how to make money and save money for the family.

I am exhuasted but it's rough winding down sometimes...
I sleep so much better when John is home. I'll write a wee bit more and force myself to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's so I can get up early.

Excited to see Grammy & Grampy
John's foks will be here Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon! Yahoooooo! This will be thier first visit to our new home and we are so excited for them to spend some time. They will no belive how much LeAnne has changed.

Daycare Licensing orientation next week/Creative Memories
There is an all day orientation class in Moses Lake next week. I will call tomorrow to see if there are any spots available in the class. I am aslo going to make an apt to become a CM rep. I don't know if they will be enough money but I gotta get busy figuring how we'll make ends meet.

Good night!!!!

Video of LeAnne eating her cake

Here is a video of LeAnne eating her cake. Oh man she was a mess. We put her straight into the bathtub after she was finished. :-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday LeAnne Kimberly!

LeAnne's birthday was absolutely wonderful! LeAnne was in a great mood all day long! She napped well so she was rested for her party and had a blast at her party. John & I reflected on where we were a year ago and her first year. Our lives sure have changed! We both feel so very blessed! We are so thankful Grandpa Larry & Grandma Elaine we able to come stay with us to share her birthday. LeAnne really warmed up to grandpa! My dad was a huge help to John, getting the fence completed and wiring up lights in his garage. Thanks dad! It was also very nice to have Auntie Katie here!! She spoiled lil miss LeAnne once again! Thanks Auntie Katie!

The party was awesome! Everyone had a great time, including the birthday girl. She had fun opening all her gifts. Thank-you everyone for her gifts. She is one loved little girl! We are so thankful!! She loved her cake! It was like she knew exactly what to do with it. :-) She also had fun playing in her new backyard. Thank-you daddy! The fence is so NICE! Overall it was a wonderful day. I'll post more details and a video or two later. Right now I am exhausted so off to rest before dinner with G-ma Marcia and Auntie Katie. :-) Thank-you everyone for loving us and our little girl! We are so blessed!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Eve my princess!

Good Morning!!!
Happy Birthday eve my precious little princess! The preparation are almost complete for her big day. I am done with my cleaning except for a last minute touch up I'll give the house on Saturday afternoon. Mom & I are going to Walla Walla this morning to go grocery shopping, pick up her princess cake, pick up balloons and a few other errands. My dad & Elaine get here this afternoon. My aunt Katie and hopefully my cousin Alissa will travel her on Saturday. John is going to take a power nap and then get to work on the fence early afternoon. Then John will help me get the decorations put up in the morning. It's coming together.

I want to send a shout out our friends at Boeing in Renton today who will be celebrating LeAnne's 1st birthday today. We miss you all so much and wish we could be there celebrating with you today! We hope to make it over in the Spring for a visit.

In other news John's folks will be coming next week for a visit! YEAH! We are so excited to show Grammy & Grampy around our town, our new home and have them spend some time with LeAnne. Grammy follows our blog but hasn't seen LeAnne since we moved in February.

Well I must go give little girl her breakfast and get her dressed. Here are a few cute pictures I took yesterday and a video showing her walking more and more. Oh and her new sound. I also found out yesterday that she can wiggle out of the chair I was using to take pictures.

Here is a video I recorded of our princess walking up a storm yesterday in our kitchen.

Love ya'll

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I should know better by now...

I had a great plan for the day which consisted of me getting up at 4:15, showering, then getting the floors swept and mopped and the big bathroom cleaned BEFORE LeAnne woke up. Ha ha ha! I should know better by now that she's listening to my plans and change her routine to make sure my plans don't happen. LOL! Not really but it sure seems that way. I got my shower, and the floors done by 5:30am when little miss LeAnne woke up. ARG! So I thought no problem, she'll go back down soon and then I can finish. HA HA! That's what you thinkin mama! I am going to boycott naps today! So I went with the flow. We played, I cleaned what I could with her in tow, took some pictures/video that I'll post later and then FINALLY around 11am she went down for a cat nap. It was long enough for me to power clean the bathroom and a few other things. Yahooo victory for mama bear!!

She's been walking so much today. She walked clear across the kitchen! She is so flippin smart. She is always trying to figure out how things go together and how she can stack things. As challenging as our life can be sometimes I LOVE being her mama! We feel so blessed that she has been so healthy, is such a busy lil bee and seems really smart. We are so thankful for all the family and friends who love and spoil our little princess! THANK-YOU!!!

I must go make dinner for John while she is sleeping. It's so much easier if I have dinner and dishes done by the time John goes to work. She's one cranky/needy little girl come evening time. I will update with pictures later tonight.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yesterday's adventures & working today!

Hellooooooooo from the Leonard house! I am not sure how much time I have here to write because lil one may be gettin up from her nap at any moment. I am so excited to be substituting today as a teacher's aide at the local elementary school in town in the Title 1 classroom from noon to 3pm! I am pondering if I should take care of some kids before and after school that way I would be available to sub when needed and available when a full time job comes open. Now onto yesterday's adventures. LeAnne is showing a lot of interest in feeding herself so yesterday at lunch I decided to try a fork with some left over Lasagna. She was a mess but had a blast and did pretty good! She's starting to become more and more like a little girl and less like a baby.

Now for the real fun... Yesterday afternoon G-ma Marcia, LeAnne and I headed off for our maiden voyage to Walla Walla in Grandma's car with LeAnne in Grandma's new car seat. A few miles from Walmart we heard a whining noise... uh oh is that us? We park at Walmart, smell burning, I get out and coolant is leaking! UGH! So we proceed to Oil Can Henry's to see if they can help us. They thinking it's the water pump, can't help us so they nicely for no charge top off the fluids and tell us where a great repair shop is. We pull into the packed lot, they look at mom's suv and sure enough it's the water pump. LeAnne played very well in the lobby and then we put her in her stroller. The customer service was excellent and they tell us it will be ready Tuesday. So I call John, who's had 1 1/2 hrs of sleep and is just starting to work on the fence, to come rescue us. We walked to a nearby fast food place to wait for John and have some lunch. Daddy to the rescue! We all made it home safely but poor John didn't get much work at all done on the fence. He has a goal to have the fence boards up by her birthday and he's running out of time. I keep telling him it's okay hun, you've had a lot of stuff happen that was out of your control, but he's not buying it and wants it done yesterday. This is one trait of his I admire! When he has a project to complete, look out he's a man on a mission. I'll post pictures of the fence soon.

Oh and I almost forgot to tell ya LeAnne got her 4th haircut yesterday! Bad mama forgot her camera so no pix but I did remember to get a few pieces of hair for her scrap book. The hair stylist loves her so much -- she can't believe how well she sits still. That's my girl. She also sits very well to have her hair brushed and pony tails put in. She's a pro since she's been doing this for 6 months now. Ha ha!

I have a request; if you read our blog and have not comments before please leave a comment because I would love to hear from you and it's cool to know who's following our blog. Thank-you and have a blessed day!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tag - You're it!

Melody tagged me, it took me quite some time to complete this, many months but while doing some editing of my blog I ran across it so here goes:

The "rules" of the game are as follows:
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you're tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag

1. I love water. The sound of water is very soothing. I love a hot shower, but soaking in a hot tub
is even better.

2. I have 2 rose tattoos, real original eh. LOL!! I may get one more tattoo someday. A butterfly
with our children's names in the wings.

3. I love my daughters very much. I pray all the time God will help me be the best mom I can be
to them.

4. Someday I WILL own a black Ford Mustang with cotton candy pink racing stripes. I may be
old and gray and only be able to drive it around the drive way. LOL!!

5. I love scrap booking. I have been scrap booking for almost 8 years. I love preserving

6. I look forward to having 1 more child. in the future. I am very excited to experience pregnancy, labor & delivery again. I enjoyed my birth experience, hypnosis techniques ROCK. I am freaked out by the thought of more sleep deprivation.

I tag you:

1. Eva
2. Amy
3. Kristin
4. Faye
5. Karen
6. Kelli