Thursday, July 28, 2011


Our little girl has quite the dynamic personality! Not a day in her life have I ever wondered how she was feeling.  All is well with the world when LeAnne is content but look out when she's not upset.

She is quite the extrovert.  During the school year she would enter the school building and say "Good Morning kids!"  Actually she will say hi to just about anyone she meets.  Everyone who talks back to her is her best friend. 

It's been fun this summer to watch her imagination expand.  Adorable are the backseat telephone calls she has with Grammy Sally. One such conversation went something like this "Hi Grammy Sally, you want to come to my house to see my tower? Okay see ya later bye!"

She has exceptional hearing which causes us to be on our toes because she is quite the parrot.  I am famous for joking around telling John to be nice to me when he jokes with me.  Well one of LeAnne's recent lectures to me went like this "you need to be nice to me, it's not nice to be angry, you need to be happy, okay mom?!"  Oh boy!  The other day while she was picking up walnuts in the back yard I heard her say "more walnuts, you're killing me Grrr!"  She gets the inflections perfect!

She is a very polite little girl who does very well saying please and thank-you.  She keeps us accountable by telling us when we need to say please, thank you and your welcome. Geesh! LOL!!  She is very kind.  Many times a day she tells me "I'm so proud of you!"  She doesn't quite get the concept but know its good and makes mama happy.

I can't believe how quickly these last 3 1/2 years have gone by.  Our little girl is now sleeping in a beautiful full size bed(Thank-you Auntie for the Crib that converts, I'll get a picture up soon). 

She's been testing her mama a lot this summer.  Its frustrating but I stay strong, talk with her a lot and keep her accountable for her behavior. I'm thankful she has an amazing daddy who's amazing when it comes to discipline, spends quality time with her and tells her how much he loves her all the time.

I love you my precious girl!  I am very thankful for summer when I can be home with you!

I had to update this post by adding what LeAnne said to me this morning. We were just hanging out around the house before daddy went to bed and she says "Fiddy abby ahnt", I am thinking huh? So I said had her say it a few more times.  John and I had no clue. Then I said where did you hear that, she said Toy Story, so I asked who said it to which she answered Buzz Light Year so I think some more and say it to myself a few times "Fiddy Abby Ahnt, Fiddy Abby Ahnt. Then it his me she was saying "To infinity and beyond"!  She confirmed that was what she was saying!  Hysterical!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Time for School in the Pool !

LeAnne had her first swim lesson at our home town swimming pool today!  We told her that she was going to school in the pool to learn how to swim. As soon as we got there she was very excited to get right into the little pool. I was a  bit apprehensive to let her go in by herself so daddy went in with her but she was soon off playing on her own.  She has no fear of the water which is great and I am happy she is learning these very important skills. She is the youngest and the only girl in her class of four.  Waiting for the other kids to work with the instructor is the hardest part for her.  Today was a little windy so it was a little chilly for her. I am very excited to see her learn how to swim these next two weeks. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Miss Snail

On our recent visit to see family & friends in Western Washington LeAnne's great aunt Katie found her a snail on the driveway of Grandma Nana's.  At first LeAnne thought she was kinda of icky but soon became fascinated with her and they shared a fun morning together.  Snail (as LeAnne named her) had a box with grass and flowers in it but who knew snails were so darn quick, she'd escape out of the box every time we turned around.  While sitting at the table visiting with family I could hear LeAnne talking to Snail. She gave her a few tours of the deck which included the beautiful (boofidal as LeAnne says) spider web.  I got quite the shock when she brought her snail to visit me. No warning I turn around to a snail inches away from me. Icky!  LeAnne says it's okay, isn't she adorable and beautiful and a lovely lady? Later that morning she proceeded to give her kisses, tell her good night and sweet dreams.  The last snail encounter came when she told me Snail had something on her. I think she may have pulled something off and touched her a bit too much because soon Snail didn't come out of her shell.  We told LeAnne she was napping and then later than afternoon we told her to throw snail in to the garden so she could go play with her friends.  Thank-you little snail for your sacrifice. You provided a little girl with an afternoon of fun. Thank-you auntie Katie for finding Snail.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WIN a Stork Craft 4 in 1 Verona Crib!

I am very excited to share that Stork Craft has generously offered one lucky True Cuddles reader a Stork Craft 4 in 1 Verona crib, valued at $400!

About the Verona 4 in 1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib:
The charming Verona 4 in 1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib by Stork Craft surrounds your little sweetie in comfort and style! All four sides are stationary and include an adjustable mattress support base to accommodate your babies’ growth.  The Verona is a smart investment as it converts from a standard crib to a toddler bed to a daybed and finally into a full-size bed complete with headboard and footboard (full size bed rails not included).  It has a well built construction made of solid wood and wood products, offered in a selection of non toxic, durable finishes (white, cherry, espresso, black, cognac or oak). You can purchase the Verona crib at Sears Canada or any other major retailer across the USA! 

Click HERE to enter to win this amazing crib and follow the directions given. While there I encourage you to look around this great blog.  A group of moms write super reviews, and point us parents to great deals!!  Thank-you!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun Under the Big Top

We had a blast at the Carson and Barnes Circus June 30, 2011.  LeAnne absolutely loved the circus and riding the animals !  It was a very fun experience under the big top!!  It was so fun to see LeAnne clapping and cheering the the performers on.  She thought Alex the clown was very funny.  We can't wait to see another circus!!!

Alex the clown was hilarious!!  The elephants were awesome!  
Riding ta pony during intermission

Ridding an elephant with daddy before the show                                                                                                         

Loved riding the camel too!       

Riding the Camel with her friend Riley

Close up of LeAnne & her friend riding the camel