Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LeAnne's New Apron

LeAnne looking adorable in an apron I won her on a blog contest at Take Time to Smell the Rose. The apron is from Flirty Aprons. They have some of the most beautiful aprons. I was so excited to put LeAnne's apron on her. Once I had it on she didn't want to take it off! Now our girl is all set to bake cookies! :-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mama's New hair style & Bedtime story

Say good bye curls and hello straight sassy hair! This is the first time I've ever parted my hair off to the side. I like it but it's a huge change from my curls. It almost seems like I have no style but I know it will just take some getting use to. I plan to go back in after in a few weeks to get some highlights. When I walked in the door, LeAnne said "oh no mama Hair". :-) So what do you think?

It sounds like LeAnne & Daddy had an amazing day! John can't believe how much she is talking. He said she was trying to carry on a conversation all day long and he heard many new words today. He also started teaching her how to pray before she eats today. Had her fold her hands, then he said "Thank-you God for this food, Amen". Tonight she said "amen". It was so sweet. :-) Here is a short clip of him reading her a bedtime story.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The buzz in our house...

The Leonard family is healthy, thriving and busy! I have not been taking many photographs or blogging much because I taken a big leap of faith. I have not come to this decision lightly, spent much time in prayer and talking with my awesome husband. I am blessed to have the support and encouragement of my husband! I have plans and goals. Now it's time to get educated and get started working my business. I am proud to say I am now an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay! I love the way Mary Kay skin care products make my skin feel and I would love the opportunity to share them with other women. I am excited to make other woman feel good and make extra income for my family! So who's up for a facial appointment? Who would like to get a free hostess gift and earn free product? Give me a call to schedule. Oh and I have a website;

I think our dear LeAnne might turn into a peanut butter & jelly sandwich! Every time we turn around lately we hear "p-butter Jel". The other morning she was asking for a sandwich the second she woke up! She did get brave last weekend and at some Macaroni & cheese, pizza and a flour tortilla. :-)

John continues to take her to toddler story time at the library ever other Tuesday and she loves it! Last week she sat a little more still for the story and even did the motions to the songs!

Last week daddy started playing store with her while making Micky & Minnie Mouse puppets. LeAnne LOVES this! He's one awesome daddy for sure!! Here is a video I shot of them playing;

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A peak into our world...

Hello there! It was a beautiful Spring like weekend in our corner of the field. I think the fresh air did me good because I am finally starting to get over this cold that has had me down all week. Mom, LeAnne & I had a successful trip to town on Saturday, well other than I forgot a few things. We spent time outside both Saturday & Sunday afternoon. My helper & I even did a little weeding and hung up our bird feeder on Saturday! She is listening so good these days, most of the time that is. You'll notice in one of the videos she goes sh to me when she is done saying her ABC's. She does this often when she doesn't feel like playing also.

Random cuteness

One morning last week as I got her ready to go to Oma's for the day I coughed and she said "Bless you mama"

She will say "Hi Mama", then instead of waiting for me to answer say "Hi LeAnne (yeeAnne) and laugh!

Her 2 favorite books these days are:

The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diensen

I'm a pout pout fish
with a pout-pout face,
So I spread the dreary wearies
All over the place".


Daddy taught LeAnne how to do the Blub, Bluuub, Bluuuub pages! It's so cute!!

Some of My Best Friends are Polka-Dot Pigs by Sara Anderson

Out of the blue LeAnne started doing the main line in this book which is Polka Polka Polka-Dot Whirly Purple Maisie. Except she says" Polka, polka, polka,....Maisie.

Here are some pictures:

Looks like a girl on a mission!

See my bunny! Is that dress too cute or what!

She colors a lot these days! Check out those nice circles! :-)

This video is a bit random and a lot longer video than I care to post but it really captures a lot of things she is doing these days so enjoy. When you ask her who she is, sometimes she say "Me" and sometimes she will say "YeeAnne". She loves her ABC's & counting to 10 most of them time. In this video I was trying to get her to repeat after me but she had other ideas and you'll hear most letters she is saying the next letter. Such a smarty pants. She was totally not into counting and very interested in having her bunny swing in my camera strap. Did you hear the Sh Sh and no's? Oh and asking for a dirty look? See she's been giving us these fake dirty looks, then we look back at her the same way and she laughs. It's all adorable now.

Just a quick video outside today pulling her wagon.