Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1st Ear Infection

  Poor little girl has had a cold for a week then on Sunday night.  She woke up screaming!  Daddy was on his way down the stairs to talk with her because she is known to freak out when one of her stuffed animals is missing from  her bed.  Then I heard her say "my ear hurts" so I got up and we spent a very long miserable night together.  I felt so bad for her because she couldn't get into a comfortable position and just wanted to sleep.  I was dressed and ready to walk out the door to the ER when she fell asleep on the couch.  We could not get into see her regular Dr but saw one of the other Doctors in his office on Monday morning.  One look in her ears revealed bad ear infections in both ears!  The doctor could not believe this was the first time EVER that she had been seen for an illness! We've been blessed with a very healthy little girl.  When I told the Dr she just started preschool, she said yep that will do it.  She said on average kids get 1 cold a month their first year of preschool.  Oh joy! We are now 48hrs into the medication and she feels a lot better.  Unless she doesn't feel well this morning she is going to school today.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

We all had a wonderful Valentines day!  LeAnne's first school Valentine party was a lot of fun.  The kids had a few cute craft projects to do, then we had a yummy cup cake and played some games.  Her Preschool teacher had the classroom decorated so nice!  Daddy spoiled both of his girls with flowers and a balloon!  :-)  He also gave me a beautiful angel necklace!  LeAnne spent the evening with grandma while John and I went out to dinner and coffee at Starbucks.   We are very lucky girls to have such an amazing guy in our life. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tidbits from the Leonard's home

Showing us her new hair cut

She got a lollipop for being so good for the hairstylist!
E snack for Preschool - Eggs on a Grill
Pretzels, melted white chocolate & Yellow M&M

Future scrapbooker                

Striking a pose to show off her nose

She was helping me in the kitchen make the eggs on a grill when out of no where she says I have an owie on my nose.  Then she picked up daddy's nose strips for sleeping.  When I explained those were not band aids she went into the bathroom and put a princess band aid on her nose. LOL!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Songs she has learned in preschool

Our girl is absolutely loving Preschool!  She did very well without me in the classroom on Friday and learned this new song.  It is so precious I had to share.  Until I heard her sing it a few times I thought it was a tiger song but duh mom they were studying the letter D last week. Hee Hee!!  The other song is Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee, she doesn't quite know that one yet. :-) 

I'm a Mean Old Dinosaur
 (Tune:  I'm a little Tea Pot)
 I'm a mean old Dinosaur 
   (Make a mean face, the kids make the cutest mean faces)
 Big and Tall
   (Gesture hands big and tall )
 Here is my tail, here is my claw.
   (Gesture hands behind your back for tail and make claw hands)
 When I get all hungry 
   (rub your tummy)
 I just growl
  (have the kids exaggerate the grrroooowwwlll)
Look out kids I'm on the prowl.
  (Here I tickle each one of the tummy and they all giggle)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LeAnne's first day of Preschool

Our girl was very excited for her first day of school. She's been talking about it for weeks now and was bubbling over with joy.  When we arrived she enjoyed playing with the other kids (6 girls & 1 boy with a few kids absent).  When it came time to clean up for carpet time that was an odd concept to her but she followed along with the other kids and my prompting well.  During circle time I was working with two of the older girls in the hallway on pre-reading skills so I was not in the classroom.  The other teacher said she was a bit wiggly, not sure was it meant to sit kris cross (Indian style) on the floor but did pretty well.  Then came time for the craft... she had to color a front and a back of a Dinosaur (D week) and then cut them out.  Oh boy she's only ever practiced cutting any way she'd like, cut a few squared and circles but nothing like this.  She struggled a lot but with the other teacher's help she got the first side cut out.  I had to back away because she was pulling the I can't with me.  When she was done I could tell her little brain was done and she wanted NOTHING to do with cutting out the other side.  It was quite the struggle to get her to pick up the scissors and try. Tears were shed, many "I can't were said", but eventually the other teacher got her to cut a tiny bit and then cut the rest out for her.  In all fairness this was a difficult art project for most of the kids, it took a lot longer than we expected and we had a few casualties.  A few Dino heads, tails and body parts cut off; thank goodness for tape. LOL!!  Then thankfully it was time for recess.  She loved running around with the other kids but didn't like she couldn't play on the big toys.  She walked in a line for the first time ever, listened to a story nicely and then it was time for lunch.  Then my niece picked her up.  She said she was so exhausted and almost fell asleep on the way home. 

This mama bear was a bit worn out too... It's a little stressful having your kid in class.  I have no doubt we'll both get the hang of this preschool thing in no time!

Walking into school

Ready to go into school

Such a big door for a little girl !
Her 1st Preschool Art project

D is for Dinosaur - All the kids projects