Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rolling over and nose to nose with a horse

Lil miss LeAnne is a rolling machine these days! We put her on her back on the floor and before ya know it BAM she's on her back. Well today she rolled over onto her tummy and then rolled over again onto her back. She did this a few times -- it was COOL! She's getting a lot stronger. We went to watch my nieces ride their horses this morning and LeAnne met the horses. She was nose to nose with Savana's horse Teaz. Her eyes were HUGE! She kept on watching the horses as they practiced. Her auntie Kim is already giving her horsey rides on her knee to strengthen her ridding muscle and LeAnne LOVES it. It is so NICE to be close to my sis and nieces again. Hopefully mama will be with us soon too. Looks like she may be getting an offer on her house tomorrow! Well John should be home anytime. He worked an 8 hour shift today, works a 12 hours shift tomorrow and then is off Fri, Sat, Sun. SWEET! If the weather is decent we wanna walk around the town of Dayton a little bit. Lots of love flying at ya from Dayton.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Few more pictures of our place

Just a few more pictures. I am THRILLED we are able to showcase the book shelf that John made. Daddy gets 3 shelves for his antique books and LeAnne gets 2 shelves for her books and toys. That is our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bella in front of the book case. The move was a bit rough on her, she's a sensitive lil lap dog but it much happier now we've been her a few days. The other picture is of my COOL kitchen! It looks better today since I am getting it more organized. I am LOVING the dishwasher, the stove and the SPACE best. More pics to come soon. :-)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Getting settle in our new home

Oooofta we made it! The movers got to our place in Renton Feb 18th at 7:30am and were done by 11am. We were on the road to Walla Walla by 2pm. It was an interesting trip but we arrived safely to Walla Walla around 7pm. Traveling with an unhappy 4 month old screaming in your ear is NOT fun. The passes were bare, and the only scary road conditions was the freezing fog right before we got to Walla Walla. THANK GOD for Grandma Marcia! She was a HUGE help trying to keep LeAnne happy! We all had a restful night sleep, grandma watch lil girl while we went to sign papers on our house. That wasn't as bad as I'd imagined, only took 45 minutes. We loaded up and headed for Dayton. Get this on our way to Dayton I got a call from Key Technology, I'd applied for a job with them, I'd submited my resume Sunday. They wanted me to come in for an interview. EEKS! As it turned out the HR gal called to cancel the interview because they're not ready to see me. Upon further review of my resume they see I am qualified for a lot more than I applied for and want to see what might work better, and they will be in contact with me in a few weeks. SWEET! I am so not ready to interview, sad to have to go back to work so I need a few weeks to adjust. Anyway we hung out in our new house Feb 19th, Slept on the floor and our things began to arrive Feb 20th. The stairs proved to be a challenge - our King bed won't fit upstairs so we are sleeping in LeAnne's room until John and Stan can do some remodeling tomake it fit, our Queen bed won't fit downstairs -- we will have to look for a double bed or 2 double to make a queen and our couch is too long for our living room. EEKS! We'll make it work though. WOW that was a busy day! We were unpacking fools. I had an opperational kitchen and bathrooms at the end of the day! We are LOVING our house. My sister, my nieces, and grandma have been a BIG help. We didn't get as much done yesterday but plugged away -- by the even hours John and I were exhausted and feeling kinda icky. It's been a BUSY month for all of us. I've started a list for the Grocery store, and a to do list so we can keep on track today. John starts his job Monday and will work a combination of 8 and 12 hour days next week. WOW it just hit me I won't be seeing much of my husband. He'll be working 8am - 8pm days and 8pm to 8am nights. I think some 8 hour shift will be thrown in, he will have some days off but it will certainly be a big adjustment for us both. In the pictures I added LeAnne is a hometown girl now with her Dayton Bulldogs tee-shirt and cowboy boots. Her cousins are having a blast with her. Alrighty I must get in the shower while LeAnne is napping. We are looking forward to my Auntie Katie visiting this weekend, and attending church on Sunday. Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we continue to move in and adjust to our new life. We love you all TONS!!! Come visit us when ya can.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ready...Get set...GO

Ready or not here we go!!! Our things are packed, the movers will be here between 8-8:30am, and once our stuff is loaded away we go! We will stay in hotel in Walla Walla tonight, sign papers on our FIRST home at 8:30am Tuesday morning, head to Dayton Court house to get our water turned on and then 603 N Cottonwood St. here we come. My mom is going to drive over with me to help with baby and hang out for a week or so and if the weather holds my auntie Katie is coming over this weekend. WOW the day is REALLY here! I'd say I were flippin on the inside but I am not, I am amazingly calm as I have been throughout most the process. I say most cause I had my days where Satan threw in a negative thought, a doubt and I got caught up. Ya know though God has been blessing us, opening doors WIDE each step of the way. Our life as we know it is changing. It won't all be easy, a few stresses along the way I am sure, $ will be extremely tight but I have NO doubt that God WILL provide for our family, as long as we have each other, and keep following God's lead we will be okay. We will also have a lot of family support and we have had a lot of people already praying for us. I look forward to meeting everyone at the church in Starbuck and hope it will become our church home too. Small town life will be an adjustment too, have to tread lightly and I am sure fittin in will take a little bit. I have heard the locals call us who move from Weastern Washington Coasties. LOL!! Okay enought rambling...gotta load up our cars and get on the go. Love ya'll We get internet on Friday Feb 22nd. Oh I have a job lead with a company called Key Technology. HUGZ!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Look at me ROLL OVER

LeAnne rolled over a few times this morning and I was actually able to capture it on tape! Poor girl just needs to learn how to get her arms underneath of her.

Monday, February 11, 2008

4 month Dr Apt

WOW where did the time fly? I can't believe LeAnne is 4 months old. It seems just like yesterday she was wiggling inside of me. She had her 4 month old baby well check appointment today. She weighs 12 pounds 15 ounces and is 24 inches long. Still a lil squirt! We thought for sure she would weigh more. Guess what lil missy did while we were waiting for Dr Molina? She ROLLED OVER from her back to her tummy!!! Yahoooooooo!! She's been workin so hard at home, then while she was there and in nuttin but her diaper she did it!! SWEET!! This has been a month jam packed full of new things. Let's recap: She found her thumb, she's been laughing a lot, she smiles a lot, she is a lot more verbal, she is reaching for things, she has one toy she loves to play with in her bouncer (her pony), she stares at her hands, she definately knows mama and daddy's voice, she follows sound, she watches her puppies movement, she is definately ticklish, she has figure out how to scoot on her back and tummy, she figured out just this weekend how to blow raspberries and things it's way cool, we have given her rice cereal a few mornings and then today she rolled over! Oh and we can forget she is sleeping MUCH MUCH better least 5 hours at a time. WOWSA! John & I couldn't be more in love with our sweet girl! We had a really great time in Oregon this last weekend! She's a great car baby! Amanda is doing great, she's turing into one beautiful young lady. She's doing super in school. Is thinking about doing some combining this summer and get this...she wants to stay with us for a while this summer. WHEW HOOooooo!!! Her Golden Lab puppy is keeping her pretty busy. All looks great for the move! We hope to close on our house on Tuesday the 19th. EEKS! This is a very exciting and scary time for us. I am so thankful and stil a bit shocked where God is guiding us. We are so blessed!!! I'll take some new pictures when I can get them. I tried today but she was having a cranky afternoon. Love ya'll!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A few more 1sts/Move update

We fed LeAnne rice cereal this morning for the first time! She was in such a happy mood this morning I said lets give it a shot. The pictures we captured are too funny! She's like WHAT IS THIS? She actually did pretty well -- of course she wore more than she ate but it was a start. Then we went to BECU this morning to open her an Early Saver account and deposit her Christmas money from Great Auntie Katie. She's on her way to having some money for college, because in case ya didn't know she is gonna grow up one smart girl and take care of her mom and dad in their old age. Ha ha! We do have retirement funds started. LOL!! :-) Also her Auntie Kim is way excited for her arrival. She bought her an outfit for Easter today, and a Johhny Jump up. She's also able to borrow a ton of stuff from a mom at church so LeAnne will have lots to do while mama and daddy work. Oh I can't forget the Strawberryshort cake hate she bought for her to wear while she's in her pack back hanging with auntie while she cleans the patures this summer. A country girl in the making!! In other news John FINALLY got his "official" letter of appointment today. Our lender is now finishing up the processing of our loan. Our new closing date is Feb 19th. We won't have TV or internet at home after Feb 12th so I told John we will have plenty of time to talk and such... We'll most likely be spending time at moms. The movers are scheduled to pick up our stuff on Feb 18 and deliver on Feb 20th. I will post an update after LeAnne's doctor apt on Monday the 11th and then we may be MIA for a little bit until we get settled. This is so EXCITING and a bit scary too! I am just in awe it's really happening! We are so incredibly blessed!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A few firsts

I won't have a ton of time when posting LeAnne's 4 month update so I thought I'd take a second to share a few firsts for our little girl and us as a family. Last weekend LeAnne discovered her tongue so now more often than not it's hanging out of her mouth and she loves when we play with it. I have to get a's too cute. She is also grabbing onto EVERYTHING and sometime in the last few weeks she started actually holding onto her toy horse and playing with it. Grabbing the hair...hers or bad! :-( OUCH! We took her out to dinner with friends last night for the first time. Thanks Kristin and Bill for being so understanding! She did okay. It was her crabby time of the night so she did well. I spent a lot of the dinner standing next to the table with her, daddy ate quick and then held her while I ate. :-) Then tonight John & I are going on our first date since LeAnne was born! Great Auntie Katie and Grandma Marcia will come over to our house to watch LeAnne. We are going to the Keg for dinner & then Cold Stone for dessert! Get this -- We won't spend a dime -- thanks to my dad/Elaine for Keg gift card and my sister for the Cold Stone gift card. :-) I look forward to spending an evening with my husband. I know it will be odd to be without LeAnne but I know she will be safe at home with auntie & Grandma. In other news I resigned from my Job at Boeing on Friday Feb 1. That was rough, saying good-bye to friends, & an amazing income. Everyone is very happy for us and I know in the long run this is the best thing for our family! John & I continue to pack (I'd say were 80% packed), and continue to wait for his "official" appointment letter so they can close on our house in Dayton. Snoqualmie pass is open this morning! Yahoooooooo!! Please pray for safe travel for my Brother in law and us when we get to moving. Okay enough for now -- gotta get some stuff done while LeAnne sleeps. Love Ya'll!!