Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We had an AMAZING night!

Good Morning...and I mean GOOD MORNING! We had an amazing night. LeAnne slept so good -- mama's so proud! She sure does love playing too! It's like she changed overnight. She's a lot more active, talking up a storm, making new faces, wants to be put down to fall asleep herself and is sleeping much better. SWEET! Mama's wish of a silent night for Christmas might come true. LOL!! I say might cause I know it could be all different tonight. If I've learned anything already it's wait if ya think you've figured something out, got a routine in place...wait a second and it will change!! I tell ya that's okay..I'll take a night like last night even just once in a while. I actually didn't know quite what to do with myself this morning. Here's to hoping that I might, just might be able to get some pictures scrap booked in the near future. I feel so blessed!

Luv ya'll


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