Monday, May 23, 2011

High Time for an update & new

I can't believe I have not blogged since Easter!  I guess we've just been busy living life.  School will be out soon and I'll have more time to take more pictures and blog.

LeAnne has 3 days of preschool left for the year.  Her last day is this Friday and the kids get to ride on the big school bus because they are going on a field trip to the Children's Museum. I am very excited my mama is coming home for a week this Tuesday.  She is going to be here to see LeAnne's first end of the year preschool performance/graduation for the kids going into Kindergarten. This will be our school's first time having a end of the year/graduation program for preschool and it is going to be adorable.  One of the moms has made the most precious photo slide show of the kids through out the year.  I don't think their will be a dry eye in the place once it's seen.

She was boycotting nap but later fell asleep in daddy's chair!

Let me back up though and show you some pictures I've taken since my last update.  The end of April I attended an amazing class about Sensory Processing Dysfunction in Spokane.  While there I couldn't help but take a detour into Toysrus and bought LeAnne some bubbles and Tinker Toys.  I am not sure who's had more fun with them her or I.  I had a blast building a tractor and a robot with her.  I still have not mastered how to build the Jet and Windmill.  Hee hee! 

A robot I created & she loved playing with!

LeAnne's awesome creation!

Then this Mother's Day LeAnne & I headed over the BIG mountain to spend the weekend with my mama, Nana, Auntie and as a bonus got to see my cousin, my sister in law and most adorable nephew.  LeAnne was ecstatic to see her grandma Marica! She misses her so much.  While there Auntie Katie filled a large plastic tub with some sugar and LeAnne has a blast playing in it on Nana's deck.

This past Thursday, May 19th, John and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. The day itself wasn't how either of us envisioned. The night before my niece gave birth to her son and there were complications.  Soon after birth he was airlifted to a bigger hospital.  The hours leading up to a diagnosis were rough.  We've since found out he has a congenital diaphoramic hernia that can be repaired with surgery.  We hope the surgery will be this weekend.  He was born 8 lbs 10 oz, full term and is a very strong baby. The doctors are amazed by how well he is doing.  We'd appreciate your prayers for this young family.  He will be having surgery today at 1pm. Our family did enjoy a very nice dinner in town and dessert afterward.  John & I have an amazing marriage.  I feel so blessed to have a wonderful friend.  He and I plan to get away for a weekend together when we can to celebrate and look forward to another 50 years together.

Oh a brief update on the last blog... LeAnne's plants didn't make it but this was mama's fault. The directions said plant 2 seeds but the seeds were so small I planted more. I should have trusted the directions because they turned into Chia pet plants and didn't make it. :-(  She does have 2 tomato plants growing at school and will help mama plant our garden next weekend.  In other news I got into Fort Hays University.  If I can get some financial aid through FAFSA I will be starting Fall quarter. My goal is to earn my Bachelor degree in Elementary Education with Minor in Special Education.  It may take me a while but that is the plan. I am excited and nervous!

As I sit here finishing up this blog post this morning I have an incredible sense of just how blessed our family is. Praises be to God for providing us with all we need!! We are healthy, we have a beautiful family, beautiful home, transportation and jobs.  Time sure does fly fast because I can hardly believe Amanda will be graduating in a few weeks, and she was just 8 when we got married. Then their is our little princess, my youngest niece said it best yesterday when she said "she sure if full of personality". So true!  This morning the first thing she said when she woke up was "see my belly"! I can't wait until Thursday night for her program...they're giving her a microphone to answer a question!  Look out!  I think they might hear her answer in the next town!  Thanks for reading my ramblings!!

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krippee said...

Every time you post photos I'm saying to myself. . . "look at all that hair". You think I'd figure it out by now. It's so full that I think it tends to overtake her face. :) I love it!