Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall School Photos

Here are LeAnne's Fall 2011 school photos!  I wasn't there to comb her hair so it was combed straight down and it really shows she has TONS of hair. I think in the Spring we will get her pictures professionally done.

I am SUPER blessed to have Wednesday - Friday off of school/work due to teacher/parent conferences and Veterans day on Friday.  I am enjoying the extra time with princes Why... oh I mean LeAnne. Yes the why phases has begun.  It's comical at times but down right aggravating other times. A friend of mine said try answering with a question.  I tried and it seemed to work a bit once time but then the next time not at all.  It comes to a point where I say "Because I said so, or that's just the way it is". Hee hee!!

This pose is fits her personality perfect!!

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