Saturday, April 7, 2012

Grammy & Grampy's visit & Easter fun!

We had a very nice visit with Grammy Sally & Grampy Ron during Spring Break!  LeAnne was napping when they arrived, so when she woke up I told her they were here and she came running out of her room squealing.  Then continued to run over and give them both hugs and kisses! :-) I love watching LeAnne cuddling with her grandparents. Another cute moment was listening to LeAnne an Grammy having a conversation while I was making dinner. :-)  Grampy spoiled us with cinnamon rolls & donuts from the bakery. Grampy also took a shining to our cat Charlotte. We are so thankful Grammy spoiled our little princess with some new Spring clothes!  She's going to be one adorable girl this Spring in her new wardrobe! :-)

On Friday afternoon LeAnne, Grammy and I colored and decorated Easter Eggs. 

We also went to the Easter Egg hunt in our city park. LeAnne was so excited.  Not wanting a repeat of last year I showed her where the blue rope was and said don't cross it.  In the excitement  of the hunt she went under it anyway. LOL!!  When the hunt was done she kept saying " that was fun"! 

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