Monday, August 26, 2013

Christian's 4 month Well check

Christian had his 4 month well check with Dr. Wren on August 22nd, 2013.  Our chunky monkey weighs 14 pounds 13 ounces, is 25 inches long and his head is 41.5 cm around.  Dr. Wren says he is one healthy baby boy. Christian was so happy during his whole appointment until he had to get 3 shots. He recovered quickly but was a bit sleepy the whole day so I spent some time cuddling with him.  Dr. Wren said we could start him on solids and suggested starting with yellow/orange veggies, then some fruits and then the green veggies. Yeah I get to start making him baby food!

On August 23rd I made him some Yams.  I baked then pureed the yams.   Then I scooped the puree into an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer.  Once they were frozen solid into individual ice cubes I put them into a zip lock freezer bag with and labeled. That night I gave him rice cereal for the first time.  I am not sure how much he actually ate but he was loving the spoon.  Then the next morning I gave him some yams for the first time.  I quickly found out that I had not made the puree thin enough and their were chunks. Next time I need to cook the yam longer and add more water to the puree.  He wasn't sure what to think of yams.  He kept trying them but wasn't sure he liked them.  The next day I made Spaghetti squash and that pureed up a lot nicer.  I will give them to him next week.

His 4 month photo shoot was interesting. LeAnne picked out his outfit. Started out with him not wanting to sit up straight in his boppy then he puked on his shoulder. I was able to clean that up but then he spit up ALL over the front of his shirt so off came the shirt and onto the floor we went to take photos.  It's all about improvising and capturing real life moments.

Cuddle Butts Toy story diaper

On August 20th after working really hard for a few weeks Christian rolled over from his back to his stomach for the first time! Once he did it that one time there was no turning back, I lay him on the ground and he almost immediately turns himself over onto his stomach. He is getting so strong!!

Christian went on his first vacation this month too. I was quite nervous about how it would go but he was a champ the whole time.  We were gone a whole week and once again packed way too much into one week. Next year Daddy plans vacation.  Our first stop was Salem, Oregon to Grammy and Grammpy's house.  He got to meet his sister Amanda for the first time.  Then we were off to Ocean Shores, WA. He slept like a trooper the whole trip in his travel swing .  Next week headed to Great Wolf Lodge (water park & more) and then onto my brother's house for a few days.  He adapted very well to being in different places,and having different people hold him. There were only a few times when he had enough of being in the car that he let us know.

This month he has become a lot more interactive by smiling, tracking us and objects, reaching for and holding toys, putting toys into his mouth and laughing.  We go through a TON of bibs and burp clothes daily! I do a load of his laundry every other day just so we have enough bibs and burp cloths.  He spits up a ton after eating. It's nasty!  Dr. Wren had us keep him in the generic Zantac until he is 6 months and said as he eats more solids he will spit up less.

Tonight we are going to LeAnne's school open house.  We are looking forward to meeting her teacher and exploring the school.  I am praying that her transition to her new school is successful. School starts August 27th. OMGosh that is tomorrow! Okay I just had a mama freak out moment!  I am praying that she will be challenged academically and have time to mature emotionally/socially.  It's time to start planning her 6th birthday party.  I believe she wants a Hello Kitty birthday party at Jumpin Jellybeans.

I have visions of having time at least once a week to blog and I would love to get my scrap room cleaned up so I could actually start getting my books caught up. I also want to start walking daily during the fall and work out on the Wii this winter.  Will any of that happen?  I hope to make a valiant attempt.

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