Sunday, December 2, 2007

LeAnne's First visit with Santa

We went up to Molbaks nursery in Woodinville yesterday to look around. WOW that place is amazing. We dressed LeAnne in her lil Santa's helper outfit, she looked so darn adorable! We got lots of compliments. We had Santa hold her and we got a family photo taken with Santa. :-) It was fun! All and all she did very well, started getting really fussy right before we left and grandma saved the day on the way home by comforting her. Thank God for grandmas! I really like the picture of my mom, LeAnne and I. It was very cool, as we left it started to snow! Oh what a beautiful drive home in the snow. We loved it!!
Too bad, so very sad we had another rough rough night and the snow has turned to rain. :-( LeAnne has a rough time going to sleep, and staying asleep. Between feeding her, pumping and getting her to sleep mama only got a few hours of sleep. Oh this will get better right? Please say yes.
Well daddy is watching LeAnne so mama is gonna go get some sleep. Love ya'll!!

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