Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mama - Life has changed just a little...

Happy birthday to me! I am 32 today, or I will be around 2pm this afternoon. :-) Oh boy how life has changed just a tad from this time last year. I know I wasn't up at this time last year, that's for sure! LOL!! LeAnne slept from 9:30pm until 1:30am, was up for a bottle, had a nasty diaper, I rocked her back to sleep and now she's sound asleep in her own bed. Wahooooo!! I thought I'd take a minute to upload a few cute pictures of my favorite people and blog a little. This time last year I remember taking a walk in the snow with my hubby, and the conversation we had about moving forward with infertilty treatments. Neither of us thought it would happy so quickly. If ya would have told me I'd have almost 3 month old I certainly would have doubted. Gone are the carefree days of sleeping in, going someplace without planning, cleaning the house without interuption, eating dinner as a couple, and the heart ache from not being able to have a child. My days are filled with the beautiful sound of baby babble, the occassional I am ticked, hungry or wet cry, the sweetest smile I've even seen, naps with my own sweet smelling heater, and new experiences every day. LeAnne is such a beautiful blessing in our lives! I LOVE being a mama! It's been an awsome life change! I am so thankful for the helpful advice from my family. My mama, sister, and auntie Katie have been live savers! I hope my mama comes home soon, I miss her. She's been in the hospital since Sunday. Okay I am pretty sure I was going someone where with this entry but I need to get back to bed. Today I have to get our house picked up because we have family from Arizona coming to visit. I am not sure what's on tap for my b-day. I may just get my fave Papa Murphy's pizza and then have John and LeAnne take me out to Cold Stone for dessert. YUMMY!! John has promised me a nice dinner out when we feel comfortable having someone watch LeAnne. :-) The pictures I have attatched - The purple shirt says Jesus Loves me - it was a gift from my friend Amy in California. I LOVE it! We hope to return to church this Sunday. I already read LeAnne bible stories and we sing bible songs all the time. Jana Alayra rocks!! The other pictues are of LeAnne waking up with daddy. We love the way she stretches. Daddy loves his little girl so much. I pray they have a special relationship always!! Okay this mama is off to bed. I'll post some 3 month pictures and an update on LeAnne on Friday or this weekend. We are taking her to have her first professional pictures on Saturday at Sears. I am so excited!! love ya!!

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