Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One precious girl coming up...

I am so in love with my daughter! She's one precious, beautiful and amazing little princess! She is smiling at us a lot more. I know she recognizes John and I. Mama can even get LeAnne to laugh by kissing on her belly! She is reaching for things, getting very strong in her kicking, holding up her head, and she can even scoot herself along on her belly though she hasn't quite figured out how to bring her arms along too. She loves sitting up so the bouncer can frustrate her at times because she can't pull herself up. She likes to sit up between our legs or in her swing. The swing has been the magic ticket lately for getting her to sleep when she's having a rough time. Though yesterday left mama wishin LeAnne came with a manual because all day long was a constant struggle to figure out what was gonna make her happy. YIKES! Daddy was a gem and made dinner so mama could get 5 minutes of rest before the next round of what does LeAnne want. I love her to pieces but I was never so happy to see her go to bed last night! Thank God she slept from 9pm until 3am! Mama needed that rest! So far today has started well -- she ate 5 ounces and fell back to sleep. Whew! Here's to today being a better day!

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