Friday, February 12, 2010

Her ever expanding vocabulary

LeAnne seems to be adding to her vocabulary daily. I don't want to forget so here I am to share and get it written down to use in her scrap book at a later date.

* She now says oopees which means oops.

* These days when we ask her questions she says "okay".

* She said Hi Katie on the phone with Auntie Katie yesterday.

* She tells us all to be cawful (careful)

* She is also saying "come on". For example she says "come on daddy" when we wake him up in the morning. She says it in a really quiet sweet soft voice sure to melt anyone's heart.

* She says sowwy which translated means sorry.

* She says toot, excuse me or toot excuse me my daddy.

* While playing with store daddy this week she counted the boxes of food; 2, 3,4, 6, 8, 9, 10. She only missed 1 & 5 which I think is impressive for a 2 year old but I am a biased judge. :-)

* She is saying her colors and shapes better too.

* Whenever she gets a boo boo she wants one of us to kiss it then says "all bedda".

* She gives kisses and says hi to Cowy which is Oma's dog Callie.

* Pew You Icky Puddle means she has a nasty pull up or something is gross.

Here's our girl one morning last week. She kept asking me to put on her socks. These are slippers Oma (Grandma Marcia) made for her.

Must sign off for now.... I've gotta an adorable 2 year old snotty nose to wipe. :-)


Eva Foster said...

My oh my! She looks all grown up! I love all of her hair. I wonder what Kenzie's would look like now if I had never cut it short. She gets more beautiful every time I see a new picture!

Tammy said...

How cute, it's great you're writing this stuff down. Did you keep a journal with your older daughter? (I know scrapbooking was not quite as popular then). We missed out on a lot of cute things our daughter did and said, and now I regret it.