Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family blessings

I love being a wife & mother! I feel incredibly blessed to be married to a man who recognizes my efforts, encourages me to be more and celebrates my successes! I couldn't help but smile today as I quietly stood back watching LeAnne play in our back yard. I can't believe our baby girl is growing up so fast, she's now an adorable little girl and I realize before we know she too will be going off to her prom just as her big sister did this weekend. Time flies by so quickly!

Amanda at the Junior/Senior Prom Saturday night!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

They do grow up fast!

PJ said...

Hey Gal! I came over from Lynette's at Crazed Mind. You have some beautiful kids. I'm curious. I don't wear make-up as a matter of religion, but do you happen to have something that will lengthen lashes (not mascara)? Also, I have horrible skin. I'm 56 years old with skin that is sometimes so dry that I can rub my finger across my nose and it peels the skin back and yet on other parts of my face I have blackheads from oil. I've used Avon, oil of Olay, and other things but nothing seems to help. I haven't checked on Mary Kay because the last time I checked I couldn't afford it. Anyway, I would appreciate if you would get back to me. Oh! I am now following you and I think Lynette said to mention the Give-away also. God Bless!


Eva said...

LeAnne is just too precious! I can't believe how grown she is. So beautiful!

anni. said...

awww. they're so pretty(:
sorry, i found your blog some how through a search engine(: