Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day weekend

We had an amazing father's day weekend!  My Dad and his wife came to stay with us.  We checked out the cars at our towns annual classic car show called All Wheels Weekend, had a very nice visit with my sister & her family, enjoyed visiting with Dad and Elaine, and John got some much needed guy time with my Dad.  I am very thankful for the relationship my Dad and I have built and his words of encouragement mean the world to me. I am so incredibly blessed to have married a man who is an amazing daddy!  Leanne is definitely a daddy's girl and I pray they stay close as she grows up.  Here are some fun pictures from this weekend at All Wheels Weekend.  One day I will own a Ford Mustang!  I want a black Ford Mustang with some withe and baby pink accents. I have said for years that I may be old and only able to drive it slowly around the drive way but I will own one. :-)  Well I am being paged.  Stay tune for potty training take 2 post. :-)

John's dream truck!

We thought this was funny!

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