Sunday, June 20, 2010

Step into Summer Blog Party

Felicia from Go Graham Go and Piera from Jolly Mom have teamed up for a fun blog party!!! Dont miss out on the fun as we all "Step into the Summer".

For 6 extra entries into every giveaway in the Step into Summer even Felicia & Piera would like fellow bloggers to share a favorite summer memory.  Summer is my favorite time of the year so I will share a few of my best memories in no particular order.

Summer 2004 Amanda accepted Jesus as her Savior & was baptized!  I'll never forget leading her in the prayer to invite Jesus into her heart! 

Summer 2006 John, Amanda & I went to San Diego for a week.  That was our best family vacation EVER!  Thanks to Grammy Sally we stayed at the awesome World Mark/Trend West resort.  We were able to visit the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World, visited some beautiful beaches and even made an interesting trip to Mexico.  

Summer 2008 - Amanda came to visit us in our new home in small town America.  I loved this summer because I was able to spend time watching Amanda get to know her little sister, LeAnne.  

This summer has just begun so my favorite memory thus far has to be hands down this weekend because I got to spend Father's day weekend with my dad.  It was a lot of fun talking with dad and I particularly love that LeAnne enjoyed getting to know her grandpa. This weekend was our annual All Wheels Weekend in town, here is my dream car. :-)

Dont miss out on "Step into Summer" Blog Party first day of summer 6/21/2010

Step Into Summer

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car shows are a lot of fun.