Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordful Wednesday - The story behind the these pictures...

Good Morning!  I took a few pictures last night hoping to get something great for Wordless Wednesday and while looking and the pictures this morning I see these pictures can't be wordless because they tell a picture and I want to tell the story cause its a good story. So instead of doing it through Wordless Wednesday I found a new blog to link up with that does Wordful Wednesdays.

LeAnne is developing quite the imagination these days that often makes me smile.

Quite the outfit - 2 different pair of PJ (had an accident but didn't want to take princess top off) was looking for her other Cinderella shoe with her horse flashlight. Then every diva must have her sunglasses and Sun hat (behind her, ready to put on)

To the left of her is a picnic all set up.  What's on the menu?  Green beans that were supposed to go with her dinner but she couldn't wait.

Last but not least, the blanket by the curtain is a map to find the ABC's.  We get home yesterday, she grabs her taggie blanket, lays in nicely on the floor, tells me it's a square then folds it up like a map and says she's looking for her ABC.  Then says "Lets do it" and she heads off to find her ABC's.

If you look closely at the picture above you can see she's starting to mix the colors of her play dough. I told her not to mix them once and then walked away to clean up the kitchen.  The next thing I know she has ALL of her colors mixed into one incredible mess.

This is when I saw how much fun she was having and realized so what the colors are mixed.  Is she hurting anything?  Nope!  Is she learning?  Yep!  She made a tall tower, and a few sculptures. Commented on the mess and the smell.  In the long run she had a fun, learned something and mama relaxed a little bit.  :-)

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