Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LeAnne's first day of Preschool

Our girl was very excited for her first day of school. She's been talking about it for weeks now and was bubbling over with joy.  When we arrived she enjoyed playing with the other kids (6 girls & 1 boy with a few kids absent).  When it came time to clean up for carpet time that was an odd concept to her but she followed along with the other kids and my prompting well.  During circle time I was working with two of the older girls in the hallway on pre-reading skills so I was not in the classroom.  The other teacher said she was a bit wiggly, not sure was it meant to sit kris cross (Indian style) on the floor but did pretty well.  Then came time for the craft... she had to color a front and a back of a Dinosaur (D week) and then cut them out.  Oh boy she's only ever practiced cutting any way she'd like, cut a few squared and circles but nothing like this.  She struggled a lot but with the other teacher's help she got the first side cut out.  I had to back away because she was pulling the I can't with me.  When she was done I could tell her little brain was done and she wanted NOTHING to do with cutting out the other side.  It was quite the struggle to get her to pick up the scissors and try. Tears were shed, many "I can't were said", but eventually the other teacher got her to cut a tiny bit and then cut the rest out for her.  In all fairness this was a difficult art project for most of the kids, it took a lot longer than we expected and we had a few casualties.  A few Dino heads, tails and body parts cut off; thank goodness for tape. LOL!!  Then thankfully it was time for recess.  She loved running around with the other kids but didn't like she couldn't play on the big toys.  She walked in a line for the first time ever, listened to a story nicely and then it was time for lunch.  Then my niece picked her up.  She said she was so exhausted and almost fell asleep on the way home. 

This mama bear was a bit worn out too... It's a little stressful having your kid in class.  I have no doubt we'll both get the hang of this preschool thing in no time!

Walking into school

Ready to go into school

Such a big door for a little girl !
Her 1st Preschool Art project

D is for Dinosaur - All the kids projects


Lynette said...

ut oh...she is the T.K. Teacher's Kid? You know how hard that is on both of y'all. Oh I so pray she loves hanging out with you...I know I wanted to go to school when my gal was a lil one.

jenjo3d said...

I guess there is good and bad to being with her on her first day of school. I am so glad it went well!

Anonymous said...

Making memories! My mom would take the 1st week of school off from work every year for me