Monday, March 7, 2011

Do you have months is your ear?

LeAnne loves is our music lover.  She loves to sing and dance all the time.  Last weekend we heard Peanut on a rail road track, the ABC's, and Brown Bear Brown Bear a zillion times.  This weekend it was her version of Months of the year otherwise know as Months of the Ear. Some where along the way January and February were lost along with the Y sound. Its very precious but their are times I had to take a short break from the grand production.  Her favorite cartoon these days has been Little Einsteins and she is learning music terms such as Adagio,Allegro,Forte,presto, and Prestissimo, She knows when to use them too. It's adorable!! :-)

Here are some of her preschool art projects.

Here are some cute photos of Miss Independent getting herself all beautiful for school one morning.
Hey! No pictures yet! I'm not ready!

Oh boy did she ever have fun with that spray bottle

Now I'm ready! 

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