Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

He has risen! Happy Easter family & friends!!!  Yesterday I read LeAnne the book called The Miracle of Easter and then asked her why we celebrate Easter.  She said "Jesus". Then I tried to simply explain His crucifixion and resurrection. To which she said "Jesus comes back to life and picks up Easter eggs". Hee hee!  It's a start.

Yesterday LeAnne & I went to our towns city park Easter egg hunt.  It was a beautiful day, a lot of fun to see friends, pick up eggs and win prizes.  LeAnne found one of the golden eggs and won a huge Easter bunny.  We then came home where she got to color eggs for the first time. She thought this was lots of fun!! Later in the day we baked cookies in our newly fixed oven and played bubbles outside. 

This morning she opened all her Easter prizes from family and loved them!!  She also had a special chocolate Easter bunny on the porch from our neighbor.  The rest of the day will be very low key this year because daddy is working.  We will do an Easter egg hunt, and finish making our sugar cookies.

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