Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A few Firsts and a Few more stories read by LeAnne

Good Morning!  Yesterday was the first time LeAnne has been  to a day care.  Up until now except for church and school she has always been in the care of a family member.  It was an anxious afternoon for mama but LeAnne had lots of fun.  The gal who will be watching her a few days a week came highly recommended and seems like a real sweet heart.  My boss's daughter, who is also in LeAnne's preschool class goes there too so she knows someone already.  She will be going there Monday & Friday after preschool this week and all day today.  She is excited to go back!

On May 4th LeAnne will participate in her first School Fun run/walk. It is a really fun event for our school.  All K-5 children & staff ride the bus to a track 15 minutes away.  Each child has a number that is punched each time they go around the track.  The PTSA serves water and oranges to the participants.  Prizes are awards for the highest amount of laps completed and the most money raised for the school. John is off work that day so he will bring LeAnne down to participate as well since preschoolers are not allowed to ride the bus for safety reasons.  All proceeds from the fun run go to the Dixie PTSO who use the money for special events and equipment for the children.  Dixie Grade school has been a big blessing in our families life and we'd greatly appreciate anyone who would like to sponsor LeAnne.  You can pledge by the lap or a set amount of money.  Please make checks out to Dixie PTSO. All money needs to be collected by May 6th. Thank-you so much in advance for your support of an amazing little country school !! 
A new outfit she got this weekend!

Here is LeAnne reading Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see, a book from school.  See how she is learning to use her reader finger.  :-)  One of our favorite things to do together is sit on the living room floor and take turns reading books.  :-)

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