Saturday, July 23, 2011

Miss Snail

On our recent visit to see family & friends in Western Washington LeAnne's great aunt Katie found her a snail on the driveway of Grandma Nana's.  At first LeAnne thought she was kinda of icky but soon became fascinated with her and they shared a fun morning together.  Snail (as LeAnne named her) had a box with grass and flowers in it but who knew snails were so darn quick, she'd escape out of the box every time we turned around.  While sitting at the table visiting with family I could hear LeAnne talking to Snail. She gave her a few tours of the deck which included the beautiful (boofidal as LeAnne says) spider web.  I got quite the shock when she brought her snail to visit me. No warning I turn around to a snail inches away from me. Icky!  LeAnne says it's okay, isn't she adorable and beautiful and a lovely lady? Later that morning she proceeded to give her kisses, tell her good night and sweet dreams.  The last snail encounter came when she told me Snail had something on her. I think she may have pulled something off and touched her a bit too much because soon Snail didn't come out of her shell.  We told LeAnne she was napping and then later than afternoon we told her to throw snail in to the garden so she could go play with her friends.  Thank-you little snail for your sacrifice. You provided a little girl with an afternoon of fun. Thank-you auntie Katie for finding Snail.

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