Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First day of school for our little girl

LeAnne had her first day of school yesterday.  She woke up about 5am and when I went in to say good morning I asked her if she was ready for her first day of school and she squealed with delight! She loves learning!!  Our little social butterfly also loves socializing with her kids as she calls them. 

I didn't realized until today how much I miss working with the preschoolers.  I had a lot of fun helping out in preschool last year.  All the kids have grown so much and I am so excited to see their academic progress this year.  Its an older class and all but LeAnne will start Kindergartener next year so there the teachers will be working through early Kindergarten curriculum as long as its received well by the students. 

I asked her teacher how she did and was shocked to hear her say she was quiet in class today. LOL!!

I am so excited to see her grow this year.  The weather is suppose to be cooling down on Wednesday so I can't wait to put her in an adorable dress she got from Auntie Katie.  Our girl loves clothes and I love dressing her up. :-)

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