Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Time to Fill the backpack - Check out this Giveaway!!

It's almost time to say good by to our amazing summer vacation and Hello to the new school year.  LeAnne has been telling me she is going to Kindergarten all by herself. I've had to tell her she can go to Preschool all by herself. She is very excited to get back to school to see her friends, do crafts and learn.  I am so thankful our little girl loves to learn like she does.  She has a huge passion for letters and numbers.

I will be heading back to school Monday for a planning day and then our first day is September 6th and Preschool starts September 12th.  I can't wait to see how much the kids have grown.  I've missed my student so much this summer.  The contest I am about to tell you about would be a HUGE blessing to my family but more importantly our school because I would share the supplies I win with the school who like so many schools is on a limited budget.  

Next weekend our family will be heading to Tri-Cities to go school shopping!  I am so excited to get her some new clothes and a new backpack!  Speaking of backpacks... do I have an amazing contest to share with you!

I am also excited to share that some of the strain of shopping can be eased thanks to the “Win an overstuffed backpack of goodies from Fill the Backpack from Splash Creative & The Centsible Life valued at over $750. giveaway. That's right! The Centsible Life is working with seven other bloggers for Communities in Schools.

From The Centsible Life's site:

"Fill the Backpack benefits Communities in Schools

This isn’t just an ordinary giveaway though, it’s also a way for Splash Creative Media to give back. 10% of our net profits are going to our nonprofit beneficiary, Communities in Schools, a wonderful organization that surrounds students with a “community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.”
A donation to Communities In Schools is an investment in the future of our country. For approximately $200 per child per year, we are able to keep 97 percent of the young people we serve in school and on track to graduation.
You can find out more about Communities in Schools, donate, or learn how you can volunteer via their website, twitter and Facebook pages.

Fill the Backpack Giveaway includes:

  • Leapfrog: LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer ($69.99) provides handheld learning experiences in a portable device designed for ages 4-9. It serves as a mobile hub for downloadable Learning Apps that include eBooks, video, games, and flash cards that auto adjust during game play according to a child’s needs and skills and works with LeapFrog cartridges (prices vary).
  • Etymotic: an exciting new family product from Etymotic that will be released next month! You’ll be among the first to own it! ($49 or $79)
  • ChicaLogic: ChicaLogic is a company that creates software for women, by women to keep your PC running smoothly. ChicaPC Shield ($29.95) and ChicaPC Fix ($29.95) work to scan your PC to find and remove threats caused by malware invasions and errors caused by regular use.
  • California Innovations: California Innovations eco-friendly lunchboxes are offered in a variety of colors, sizes, and even with your children’s favorite Disney characters. Made from recycled material (and PVC free), this is a great alternative to paper bags.
  • Stonyfield: From everyone’s favorite organic yogurt company, we have a gift pack with coupons for YoKids, an activity book, and more!
  • Carolina Pad: Carolina Pad offers a fun back to school package featuring exceptional quality and design. You can find everything from binders to notebooks, planners to folders for back to school in their online store or at retailers nationwide.
  • Scholastic: Literacy is the cornerstone of a child’s growth, and for nearly 90 years Scholastic has created quality products and services that educate, entertain and motivate children and are designed to help enlarge their understanding of the world around them.
  • P&G: P&G offers an Back to School box filled with tons of great products to help you and your family get back to school. Even better you can help kids stay in school by purchasing products using P&G’s brandSAVER.
  • Johnson’s & Johnson’s: A back to school gift pack including Johnson’s products including detangler (no more tears over hair brushing), hand and face wipes (perfect for on the go cleanup), and baby powder (for everything from the locker room to your shoes. For all those playground scrapes, and bumps they’ve also included Neosporin, and Mickey Mouse Band Aids.They work better together.
This is a lot of swag!

Enter on all the Splash sites!

Visit the sites of the Splash Creative Media team to learn about the other companies who have generously donated items for our Fill the Backpack giveaway! The Fill the Backpack team consists of:

  • TechSavvyMama by Leticia Barr @TechSavvyMama

  • Clueless Mama by Laurie Cooper, @Clueless_Mama

  • Formerly Gracie by Grace Duffy, @GraceDuffy

  • Savvy Sassy Moms by Andrea Fellman, @SavvySassyMoms

  • Just Precious by Julie Meyers Pron, @JustPrecious

  • Sassy Moms in the City by Alison Ray @SassyMomChicago

  • It’s My Life by Jessica Rosenberg, @Kikarose

  • The Centsible Life by Kelly Whalen, @CentsibleLife"

  • Visit all of the sites and enter for a total of 8 chances to win!

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