Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowdays are snow much fun!

January 18, 2012

I felt like a kid again as I peaked out our upstairs window this morning because I saw lots of beautiful white snow!!  I've been rather upset because Western Washington has been getting hammered with snow and we've had nothing but cold temperatures.  It was snow much fun to watch the snow falling this morning.  As soon as it was light LeAnne and I bundled up and went outside to play and take pictures!! She played in the front yard while I shoveled snow off the side walks then we went out back so the fur kids  could play.  Gracie loves running and jumping in the snow.  Bella stayed under the picnic table.

Looking down our road

Once LeAnne had turned into a popsicle we came inside to warm up and do a bit of fun learning.  She has been missing school and I thought I think I'll start teaching her a sight word a week.  So today we worked on the word see.  I typed I see a and a period on the computer, printed them out, and had her cut out pictures of things she liked.  Then I put together the first sentence together then had her tell me how to put together the next three sentences.  Next I found a I see book online, printed it, she read it to me then colored.  It was sentences like I see crayons, I see books and I see friends.  She LOVED it!!  I love teaching my little girl. I love her hunger to learn!

Then we went back outside to play in the snow again and I shoveled another few inches of snow.  We had snow much fun!!!

The next day wasn't nearly as fun because our snow turned to sleet and freezing rain.  Everything was covered with a thick layer of ice.  I will shovel snow any day over scrapping ice off side walks in the freezing rain.  I stayed home from work even though our school was the ONLY school open in the region.  My husband said the roads were really scary.  I later heard 12 kids came to school. I hate not being there for my student.  LeAnne and I spent the day learning more sight words (Can and My).  I saw a cool idea on Pintrest where a mom put the sight words on pumpkins.  So I found a cute butterfly pattern, pasted it into photoshop,added the sight words in the middle, printed it, we colored and hung on LeAnne's wall.  This weekend we are going to get out the paints to make hand and feet prints to to us in My book. (My feet, My hands, My house...)

Sight Word Butterfly Decor

Our school is running 2 hours late today and I am going to brave the roads and see how it goes. Preschool is also running late but I am going to have LeAnne stay home with daddy.  Doesn't make sense to take the chance of getting into an accident for 2 hours of school.  I am really hoping this mess melts away this weekend so we can have a normal school week.  I LOVE the snow and hope we get more this winter but don't love the ice.

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