Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Bye 2011 & Hello 2012

As I begin to reflect on 2011 it was an overall good year.  Of course we had our share of challenges and trials but I am overwhelmed more by how blessed we are as a family.  We've triumphed over challenges and continue to live a blessed life.  John and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in May.  I thank God every day for my amazing husband and pray God will continue to show me how to love him as He loves him.  Amanda graduated from high school in June, and started College in September. LeAnne turned 4 in October, continues to thrive in Preschool and keep us on our toes.  The blessings continue...  John and I both have good jobs, decent health, a beautiful home, food in our bellies and lots of LOVE to share!

I've never been good at new years resolutions so I would like to list my hopes & prayers for 2012.

Praying God will guide John in his job search(as he looks to better provide for our family and find that new career path).

Praying God will bless our family with a new bundle of joy in 2012!

Praying for continued good health, for safety for our family and that we would be better stewards of the money God blesses our family with. 

Praying for Amanda as she begins her Veterinary Assistant course in January!

Praying for God's guidance in regards to my job.  My student has one more year at his current school then will move to another district.  I pray that IF it is God's will I will go with him and IF it's not His will that he will show me the way to my new career. I love working with children with Special Needs so I pray He would find another child I can help be the best he/she can be!!  

In 2012 my goals in no particular order are to:

Go on more dates with my husband. We need some adventure for us.

Spend less money, pay down debt and save more money!!!  

Eat the right foods!

Make excuses less and exercise more!

Balance my time with my technology ( I luv it but sometimes it robs me of real life experiences)

Be more organized & pay more attention to detail

Spend more time reading the bible & growing as Jesus's daughter

Go to Church

Spend more time crafting & teaching our princess

Scrap book more

Keep reading (read 24 books this year thnx to my Kindle) 

Make friends

Learn something new

I am excited to spend New Years Eve with my Mama and Grandma who are now home for the winter.  Then if I can stay away ring in 2012 with my amazing husband!! 

Happy New Year to all my family and friends!

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Lynette said...

A filled year to be sure. Yes to the dates with hubby for sure. You two started together and will end together. So always tend to that garden.