Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Expecting Baby # 2 April 23rd, 2013 !!

The Leonard family is thrilled to announce we are expecting our 2nd child in April 2013! Today was my 8 week doctor appointment.  Our little peanut looks and sounds great. My OB/GYN said everything is going well. My next appointment is Oct 15th.

 Big sister LeAnne is very excited! Today during he doctor appointment she was curious but didn't want to get to close. She did tell the nurse I was having a girl. The nurse said "if you can tell this earlier we are going to keep you around". I gave LeAnne the ultrasound picture to carry and she didn't want to let it go.  She also wanted the handout showing development during pregnancy and the pregnancy book the doctor gave me.  She studied that development chart. It was too cute!  Then after school I let her show some of the kids and staff the picture of our baby.

When we told LeAnne she was going to be a big sister was excited but  not sure she totally understood. When we told her mama had a baby in her belly she said something like "why do
you want to do that". She's made references to why doesn't the baby grow in a bucket. LOL!! Since we first told her she has enjoyed watching Youtube videos showing ultrasounds of fetal development  and enjoys checking out the apps on my phone each week to see how big the baby is getting. 

Seeing the baby and hearing the heart beat made it real for daddy that another baby is on the way! :-) He's been an amazing support through this first trimester. I've felt a lot worse than I ever remember feeling with LeAnne.  My super sense of smell sends me gagging often, I am dizzy a lot, cooking any meat is torture and I never know what to eat. Fresh veggies, fruits, salads and spicy meats are my cravings so far.

Thank-you Lord for blessing our family with another little miracle! I pray for the healthy development of our child. :-)

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Lenore Webb said...

Oh this is a great wonderful piece of news. Congrats!!!!