Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Bye First Trimester!!

My first trimester has been rough to say the least!  I've been exhausted and morning sickness has been terrible. My food aversions are unpredictable so I NEVER know what I will be able to eat.  Sometimes food even sounds good but once I smell or taste it I find out its a no go. This is particularly true with meat.  I crave a spicy steak but ALL meat is a no go! The only meat I've been able to stomach much of is turkey and that is because it was disguised on a sandwich  with cream cheese and cranberries.  It seems that the stronger the taste the more I like the food. I have been so much more sick with this pregnancy! I detest being hungry but not knowing what to eat.  I drink lots of water and eat small meals when I can figure out what might stay down. I get full really fast. I am also a lot more nervous this pregnancy that something is going to go wrong with me or the baby.  Before my 2nd doctor apt on October 15th I was really nervous.   I left that appointment feeling so much better.  Not surprising I had lost weight. My blood pressure was great! Dr. V was able to pick up the baby's heart beat right away and it sounds super at 162 beats per minute. I look forward to my next appointment on November 12th and then I believe the next appointment is when we will find out who is joining our family.  Will it be Hailey Josephine or Christian Thomas? I look forward to being able to start planning the nursery! :-)

LeAnne is very excited for her new brother or sister! She is constantly coming up with names for our baby. The funniest name that she likes Cougar for a boy or a girl because daddy is a WSU cougar. She also keeps saying she wants our baby to be bald.  I told her its highly unlikely because both her and her sister had a lot of hair when they were born.

I am very happy to be entering my second trimester this week! I hope my food aversions subside at least some and my energy begins to return. I look forward to my baby bump, seeing our baby at the week 20 ultrasound and feeling the baby move. I also can't wait to start planning the nursery. I want to wait to find out what we are having so that I can have a gender specific nursery.   We probably won't put the room together until February since it will entail moving LeAnne to her new room down stairs.  For a while we considered having the baby upstairs next to our room but that will not work when John is working nights and the idea of walking up and down the stairs many times a day does not sound pleasant.  It will be a big step moving LeAnne downstairs but we plan to fix it up really nice for her and recently installed a wireless alarm system. It's so exciting to be adding another member to our family! :-)

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