Monday, October 29, 2012

Jana Alayra concert at HCC

On Friday October 26th John, LeAnne and I drove over to Renton to attend the Jana Alayra concert at Highlands Community Church.  It was great to be back inside our old church and saw two very special ladies I use to work with in Children's ministry. The concert was AMAZING!  LeAnne was up front, right  next to the stage, most of the concert.  She had so much fun singing, dancing and doing the motions to the songs she's been listening to since she was days old.  LeAnne got to perform up on stage with a group of 5 year old kids.  They performed Absolutely Nothin. John was one brave daddy when he got up on stage with all the dad's to perform Jana Alayra's song Change. So proud of my guy! I wasn't brave enough to get up on stage with the mom's.  After the concert we met Jana Alayra, she signed LeAnne's shirt and took a picture with her.  Jana is such an amazing lady! It was a great night of praising God!  We must find a home church.  Now is the time for LeAnne to start learning and I miss church so much!

LeAnne & Jana Alayra

See LeAnne down front                 

John on stage/in back

LeAnne on stage performing

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