Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Leonard Family Update

I really must improve on my frequency of blogging. Our family blog is where I come to record the happenings in our life to share with family and friends and to save for later scrap book journal.  So now here I am thinking what has happen since my last blog entry on Halloween...

In November John's brother and his family came to visit from Redmond, Oregon over the Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a lot of fun hanging out with them.  All of our kids has a lot of fun playing together. They're oldest, Emma, is 6 and they're son, Cash, is 4.  The Friday that they got here we went out for dinner then watched Dayton's annual Christmas Kickoff parade. Then we watched the fireworks.  It was during the fireworks show I got a phone call from Amanda with big news.  Her boyfriend has just proposed to her.  OMG! Our little girl is engaged!  Just yesterday she was 7 years old telling me to sit with her until she was asleep and I would know she was asleep when she started snoring. Now here she is 20 years old, about to start an accounting certificate program and engaged. She is telling us it will be a long engagement because they want to get better jobs ad move our of his mom's place before they get married.  

On December 4th we went to Klickers in Walla Walla to get our Christmas tree.  It was a quick trip because it was raining.  LeAnne enjoyed helping me put the ornaments on the tree this year. She chose her favorite and I loved telling her stories about different ornaments.  

This pregnancy has been very different from my first. The morning sickness in the first trimester was terrible! I had to drink lots of water to keep from being hungry and dehydrated.  I never knew what I was going to be able to eat from moment to moment.  All meat was disgusting!!!   On top of the morning sickness I got the flu which left me throwing up so much I was in tears.  Then I got a cold that would not go away. I was never so happy to say goodbye to my first trimester.  In my second trimester I soon was able to eat chicken followed by ham but no other meat.  My poor husband is eating a lot of chicken.  I am carrying this baby a lot different, and have a lot of headaches.  On 12/12/12 John, LeAnne & and I eagerly went to my 21 week ultrasound appointment.  It was adorable to have LeAnne at my head watching the ultrasound and too cute when she said they're is the baby's heartbeat. Little one was being a turkey during the ultrasound, very active which made the ultrasound technicians job interesting.  After seeing the important anatomy she told us "It's a little man"!  Were having a boy! I was in shock and the first words out of LeAnne's mouth was "but I wanted a sister". Seeing our boy move around inside and hearing he is developing wonderfully was awesome!! After our appointment we enjoyed spreading the news to family and friends! Then came the fun looking at boys clothes and figuring out how to design his nursery.  I was excited when John said "you decorated LeAnne's nursery now its my turn to decorate Christian's nursery". It looks like he will have a Disney Cars nursery with some tools and some WSU cougar decor too. LeAnne is warming up to the idea of having a brother. She has asked if she can give Lucky the horse to her brother and can be heard calling Christian "My boy". I loved having a little brother and I am very excited for her to have a little brother.    I am feeling Christian move around a lot and LOVE it! 

On 12/13/12 Dixie elementary kids sang beautifully for their Christmas program.  LeAnne was right up front being very animated. We got many compliments about her performance afterwards.  It was precious! 

Sitting on Santa's lap at Christmas program

LeAnne and I were thrilled when we woke up to snow falling from the sky on Christmas Eve!  We had fun building snowmen, making snow angles, and having a snow ball fight.  

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krippee said...

So my nephew called after Thanksgiving to say he was engaged also. There were to have a two year engagement because they wanted to be closer to finishing school AND they wanted to give relatives a chance to save money to travel for the wedding. He called yesterday to say they are getting married May 25. :)