Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a fantastic Christmas! John had to work Christmas Eve so I read LeAnne The Christmas Story and Twas the Night Before Christmas then tucked her into bed around 7:30pm.  She got up at 5:30am on Christmas morning.  I came down first so I could take a video of her to show daddy later. She was very excited to see Santa had been to our house. He left her a stocking filled with goodies, a scooter and a Furreal Friends Bouncy My Happy-To-See-Me Pup.  The plan was she would do Santa presents and then we would watch a movie. Well of course LeAnne didn't want to watch a movie so I was left to find something else to keep her busy until Daddy got home 9am.  She played with her stuff from Santa, and we spent time downstairs laying on the bed talking about how she wants to decorate her new big girl room. It looks like we'll be painting a rainbow room. :-)  She was doing really well, asking to open presents but not losing her mind.  It was mama who broke weak and let her open one present before I went to take a shower.  It just didn't seem right for her to have nothing to play with on Christmas morning.  I let her open her Lego Hello Kitty house from Auntie Katie because it has  lots of pieces and decals for her to work on. She had a lot fun putting together and designing her house.  Then Daddy surprised us by getting off work early so he was home by 8am.  Opening presents was lots of fun! LeAnne filled the couch with all her new toys and clothes! What I loved the most about the experience is how she was appreciative for EVERYTHING she got!  She also enjoyed seeing what Daddy and I got. She even enjoyed opening a few gifts for Christian. Once the mess was picked up enough to find out living room Daddy headed off to bed to get a nap before we headed down to my sisters house for Christmas dinner.  LeAnne had a blast playing with her new toys while daddy napped.It was a beautiful drive down to my sisters. We already had about 2 inches of snow and it was snowing as we drove to dinner.   Christmas dinner was very nice and it is always lots of fun to watch the kids play. I can't believe how much my nieces boys are growing up. They're not babies anymore rather two year old little boys. Seeing the boys play makes me excited to experience having a boy of my own.  I am thinking it will be neat to have a girl and a boy and my hope is because they will be the opposite sex and 5 1/2 years apart they won't be as competitive for anything other than our time. My brother and I are 4 years apart and had little sibling rivalry and a very good relationship.  My favorite part of this Christmas listening to LeAnne be so thankful and all her cute statements about how excited she was. When I asked her how her Christmas was she gave me two thumbs up and said it was SUPER!!  

Look at all the candy canes Santa left us

Playing new games on her Leap Pad

Daddy excited about his model helicopter

One of her new Lalaloopsy dolls

LeAnne, Bella and her new puppy Peach

Working on her Lego Hello Kitty doll house

Clothes Daddy & I got for Christian

LeAnne in new dress and a new Lalaloopsy and her horse

Adorable Onsie Daddy got for Christian

Our Pretty girl

Toy box Daddy got for Christian

Now what to play with :-)

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