Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby Shower & Misc Pix

My sister & niece had a baby shower for me on March 16,2013.  It was a lot of fun! The Car's decor was very cool! My sister and niece did an amazing job and I appreciate all their hard work so much!  It so appreciate all the gifts for Christian, LeAnne & I !!  :-)  It was lot of fun to see my family and friends! A very nice celebration to welcome our boy!!  LeAnne had lots of fun being mama's helper and is enjoying all her big sister gifts!  

My doctor is monitoring baby and I closely.  We've already made two trips to Labor and Delivery at Saint Mary's Hospital.  The end result of both visit to L&D was good.  This week I had a great doctor appointment; my blood pressure and Non-Stress test went very well!!  It looks like I have 3 or 4 weeks left! I can't wait to meet Christian!!  

LeAnne's ready for the baby shower!

LeAnne and I at the baby shower

Big Sister to a lil mister
Christian's Officer Onesie

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