Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013 & LeAnne's First Fishing Trip

The Saturday before Easter we attended the Easter Egg hunt in our city park.  LeAnne was in the mixed age group 5,6 and 7 year old kid so it was quite competitive.  She found a few eggs.  Then on Easter Sunday morning as LeAnne was snuggling with me I said "Gusse who visited you last night"? She said "No one came in my room last night". LOL!! Then I told her to look on table and she was excited to see her Easter basket. While Eating breakfast she wrote a thank-you note to the Easter bunny and put it on our front door.  Then we enjoyed watching her have an Easter egg hunt in our front yard.  Next Easter we will be getting our family to church. 

Later than afternoon we headed down to my sisters place to have Easter lunch, an Easter egg hunt and a little bit of fishing.  This was LeAnne's first fishing trip. Daddy said she absolutely loved it!  
City Park Easter Egg hunt
Bunny LeAnne's teacher gave her for Easter

Easter egg hunt at our house

Print Charming Fluffy the second

Note from Easter Bunny

Thank-you note to Easter bunny

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