Monday, May 20, 2013

Christian's 1 month Well Check & Photos

On May 17th I did a quick photo shoot with Christian.  After I finished taking pictures and had changed his clothes I noticed you could see the big spot where he had spit up in all the pictures. Oh well "Spit Happens"! Christian had his 1 month well check on May 20th.  He is now 22 inches long and weighs 10 pounds!  It's awesome to see him thriving.  The pediatrician was impressed with how alert he was.  He encouraged me to get him on a strict schedule sooner rather than later.  This mama isn't sold on not feeding her baby when he's hungry so it will be a slow process before I put him on a strict schedule and not feed him at night.  I am going to start by documenting when he eats and sleeps, see what kind of pattern we have and go from there.  It's unreal that he's already a month old.  He stills seems so little but I can tell he's growing too.  He's starting to look at us a little more, practicing his smile and making more noises.  He was also blessed this last weekend by meeting his Grammy & Grampy (John's folks).  It was a great visit!

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