Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Operation Christian sleeping in his crib is a SUCCESS!!

Christian has been taking 95% of his naps in his crib and sleeping all night in his crib for almost a week! Yahooooooooooooooo!!!!! Once this mama stayed diligent Christian made the transition with little problem. The first night I was sure he would be up on and off all night long so I prepared myself to be awake and watched two movies I have been wanting to see on Netflix (Safe Haven and OctoberBaby).  He woke up a few times during the first movie but then he slept while his silly mama watched yet another movie.  The movies were awesome, he slept amazing and I was one exhausted mama the next day getting 3 hours of solid sleep.  LOL!! He wakes up once in a while but goes right back to sleep once I give him his pacifier.  I am pretty sure the transition has been a bigger deal for me than him but isn't that true of so many of the transitions our kids make in life.  My heart skipped a beat when I went to check on him and he was sleeping on his stomach.  I turned him over to give him his pacifier.  I've since calmed myself down, he's a strong boy and if he wants to be a tummy sleeper he will be a tummy sleeper. Sleeping upstairs in our bed again after 5 months of sleeping in my recliner has been an adjustment.  Our King size bed is so cozy but my back has grown accustom to the recliner. Downstairs in the recliner  was placed strategically to  be able to protect both my kids. Upstairs I am closer to Christian but still not close. I am working on knowing they're always protected by God, our alarm system will warn me of any intruders and I am pretty confident if it came to it I would dig deep, open up a can of whoop ass and figure out how to protect both of my kids because that is what a mama bear does!  Tonight I will try to remember to use my quiet camera to get a picture of him sleeping in his crib. Thanks for joining me on our journey and celebrating one of many milestones in Christian's life! :-)

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