Monday, December 16, 2013

Christian 6 month Pix

I am getting so behind on blogging its just not funny! Having two kids is really twice the work and when I get time to be on my computer its usually brief and I certainly  have much time to think about writing. I need to get better though and at least blog a few of Christian's milestones each month so I have them written down to scrap book later.

Christian's six month well check went awesome! He is a healthy boy, weighs 16 pounds 12 ounces, his front two teeth should be popping through anytime.  Poor boy had to get 4 shots today and has a diaper rash, yeast so he got medication and I will be stripping all my diapers to get the yeast off of them. Thinking I may need to get some fitted/hybrid diapers that breath easier and look into some new night time solutions because he is such a heavy wetter. The only thing about cloth diapering that drives me nuts is the learning curve and constantly trying to figure out what little man needs.  He is getting the hang of commando crawling, eating a lot more baby food,and he is starting to sit up with help.

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