Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I am back... I think

It's been over a year since I have blogged about life with the Leonard's.  My husband says he has no idea what is going on with our family. LOL!! I have had so many intentions of blogging, getting on a schedule of blogging, and making sure to write down Christian's milestones. Epic fail there! What can I say but life happens! I blogged a ton when LeAnne was born because I wanted to keep our family and friends on the other side of our state involved in our life. We moved across the state when LeAnne was 4 months old and the blog was a great way to share pictures and happenings.  I wrote less often as time when by and then our little boy was born, I lost a little interest in writing, and got really busy keeping up with our two kids.  

I am going to attempt to write something at least once a week.  Blogging has helped me while writing journaling for the kids scrapbooks and days away from entering my the last year of my 30's my memory isn't getting any better. :-)

I have been a stay at home mom now for almost two years now.  I love being home with my kids! Christian and I are very close. He is definitely a mama's boy. I enjoy all of our cuddle time and being apart of all his milestones.  I love being here for LeAnne and enjoy all our special mom and daughter time while brother is napping.  Now that being said, being a stay at home mom can be very challenging, exhausting and wear on me at times.  It's a 24/7, 365 days a year gig. I feel guilty complaining at all.  This is something I have dreamed about doing since I can remember and I don't want to change a thing.  The best way to some it up is that it's the hardest yet most rewarding job EVER!  

LeAnne is doing amazing!  She is growing up way too quickly.  She's 7 years old and in the first grade.  She's a very smart young lady.  She is reading between a 2nd and 3rd grade level.  She loves math, science and is curious about EVERYTHING.  She played soccer Sept/Oct 2014 and enjoyed it.  She is taking after me in that she likes to write notes. I love her notes.  She loves playing with her brother and for some reason thinks it is really funny when he doesn't have any pants on. This Christmas I was so impressed with how thankful she was for everything.  She kept saying it was the best day ever!  

Christian is all boy!  He is very active, running and climbing on everything. He keeps up busy that is for sure.  He loves getting up on to the table, sitting in John's chair, and climbing into the stove below our stove.  He loves playing with cars of all types.  I am looking forward to Spring so he can play outside more.  He loves playing in the dirt and I know he will be all about climbing and going down the slide this year.  He give the absolute best hugs!  

John is doing well.  He is in the 3rd month of a 4 month night rotation at work.  Night rotations are have been tougher on all of us the last year.  His sleep schedule is just all our of whack, which wears on him and it can be rough on family life for sure.  We all look forward to February when he switched to days for 4 months.  That does mean he will be on nights this summer but that's his job and our crazy life.  I am very proud of my husband and support his career 100%!  Our world has become so insane. I worry about him every time he leaves for work and breathe a little easier when he walks through the door after his shift.  He is my hero!  

I am so looking forward to spending some time just with my husband next weekend.  We are going to Tri-cities for my birthday.  First stop is the range where I can try out the new laser sights John got me for Christmas, then a movie and dinner.  We are going to stay overnight, do a little shopping the next day and head home.  It will be some much needed time for us to just focus on us and enjoy each other.  Love our kids dearly but think its important for John and I to reconnect once in a while. I love my husband more and more all the time.  I appreciate his leadership, his encouragement, his love, and so much more.  

Alright little man is down for a nap and I am having a good hand day so I am going to attempt to address Christmas/New Years cards.  LOL!!  Here's to hoping I make it back to write soon! :-) 

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Lenore Webb said...

So glad to see you again. I miss you. I too took off most of last year. But I am trying to get back into it for this year. Doing my best to do a post a day once again. Hope we cross each others paths regular once again.