Thursday, December 6, 2007

No more stinkin thinkin!!!

LeAnne is 8 weeks old today and this mama is turing over a new leaf. No more stinkin thinkin allowed in this brain!! My kidlet is nocturnal at the moment. Sleep is highly over-rated. I need to stop whining, stop being upset, stop being frustrated by lack of sleep and make the best of where m life is right now. I've spent almost 5 years praying for this beautiful miracle. I've had a lot of years where I could do whatever I wanted, when I wanted but all that has changed now so I need to adjust and make the best of what God has blessed me with. I am blessed!!! I love our little girl so much! She is so beautiful! I look forward to all of her life. This phase in her life will pass by entirely too fast for me to waste a second being upset or wishing she'd sleep so I could sleep. I'll try to keep her on some kinda routine during the day, try to incorporate more play time, make sure she gets some good naps and that I take an afternoon nap. Then at night I am going to set up my craft room so she can be in their to play while I scrapbook, listen to music, watch TV, listen to a woman's devotional cd and well just take it from there. Maybe I'll see if an evening drive works good for her or maybe a bath time routine. Bottom line NO MORE CRYING from me! I am a mama now, my life is FOREVER changed, I need to adjust to it, start makin lists on what needs to be done each day, and GET ER DONE!Love ya'll! I apologize for my whining! Thank-you sis for your amazing support, for answering all my questions and telling me how it is. I appreciate you and look up to you! Mama thank-you for sharing your wisdom, thank-you for all your help, thanks for watchin baby girl so I can rest (well when I actually rest) thanks for being there for me to talk to and for being patient with me when I've been grumpy. They don't send home any manuals with these precious bundles, ya just gotta figure it out on your own, experiment and remember at all times to be thankful for them. God truly has blessed me with my daughter. Well the boss is stiring so I'd better get going. :-) I'll post more pictures sometime soon.

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