Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! He has risen! :-) We had a very nice Easter. LeAnne & I went to church in Starbuck, WA. LeAnne got all dressed up in the beautiful dress my sister got for her. She looks like such a little girl. Today was the first time I left her in the nursery during church service. My stomach was in knots the whole time. We survived and she did well with the girls in the nursery. WHEW! After Church the H. tribe (my sister's family) and some friends came to our house for dinner. It was YUMMY! It is really nice to be near my sister and her family again. Unfortunately John had to work today and we really missed him! Another bit of good news -- the H's were able to worked together and get our bed upstairs. Tonight will be the first night we sleep upstairs in our own room. Plus no remodeling for a bit -- SWEET! Though this mama isn't looking forward to the many night time trips up and down the stairs to check on lil one. I found a doctor in Walla Walla for LeAnne, she has her 6 month appointment scheduled April 17th. WOW can ya belive she'll be 6 months. EEKS! This mama is exhausted so good night ya'll! I'll upload the pictures of LeAnne in her dress tomorrow -- tonight it's not working.

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Tiffany said...

Our church does a mission trip to Starbuck each year to help out our sister church there. We do jobs in the community that people have needed help with, and we work around the church and have a youth leadership type week.

I didn't realize you guys were to close. Your sweet miss looks soo tootin' cute Jana!

Happy Belated Easter!
Tiffany (RDS)