Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LeAnne was 5 months old yesterday

OMGosh where has the time gone? I can't believe our baby girl is 5 months old already! I have learned a lot in these 5 months and one thing is for sure -- as soon as I figure out her routine she changes it up on me. It's her job to keep her mama guessing. She's has a pretty set nap schedule in the mornings but yesterday she was not going down for a nap for anything after her morning bath. Ahhhhhhh!! A lot of times it feels like parenthood is one big experiment and I just do what works best for LeAnne. She's a precious one that's for sure. She was extra grumpy yesterday afternoon but I was still able to get to laughing -- what a sweet sound that is. She is so ticklish. So what fun new things is she up to these days? Top on the list is the squealing -- oh man the squealing. Daddy calls her his alarm clock. She has different squeals though - her I am having fun hearing my voice squeal and the I am one MAD lil girl squeal. She loves her jumper activity center - has figured out how to turn to get to all the toys and is starting to jump a little. She is reaching out for what she wants. She can hold things with both hands. She is starting to like to explore her face and our faces. She is starting to be able to sit up with a lot of help of course. I think she has teeth coming in cause she drools a lot and wants to chew on everything. She's doing better at eating her cereal and fruit but still isn't so sure she likes it one bit. She loves being outside. She is quite the rolling machine and scoots on her belly once in a while. It is wonderful being close to my sister and nieces! We sure do miss Grandma and auntie Katie! We miss Grandpa and Grandma Elaine too -- it is so COOL they call us one a week to chat. Cousin Nataly we miss you -- come visit SOON! I hear cousin Alissa will be visiting in April along with Grandma Nana -- SWEET!!!! I am working on finding a Dr for her as she will need 6 months shots April 11th and we wanna get them done when daddy is off work. John is LOVING his job. He starts working nights next week and switches back to days the week before he goes to the Police academy April 20th. 5 weeks without daddy -- :-( -- that will be rough but we have to be tough girls. Must sign off for now -- lil girl is fast asleep in her bouncer. I'll post new pictures soon. Love ya'll!!!

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