Saturday, March 1, 2008

Late night with LeAnne

Oh boy lil miss LeAnne has discovered a new pitch and loudness to her voice! She's a squealer. It rather funny...even at 1:30am. She seems to squeal and blow rasberries a lot when she is trying to keep herself awake. She has been going down for a nap between 5-6pm, then she is up around 11pm, eats and is down until morning (between 3am-6am). Well last night was the exception ~ She didn't nap well at all the whole day. I think she is going through another phase where she wants to be up longer but her body is adjusting. Long story short John & I were off to bed but lil girl had other plans. She woke up around 12:30 and didn't know if she wanted to play, eat or sleep. I've uploaded the video we captured onto Utube, click the link to see it. If that doesn't work copy and paste the URL into your browser. Let me know if that still doesn't work. :-)

On top of that she has been sleeping very light, waking up a lot crying, and being in the same room as her now for the time being until our bed can get upstairs I am up evertime. Most of the time I can give her her binky and she goes back to sleep but it certainly doesn't leave a very rested mama. Thank God I've not gone back to work yet. Good times!

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Matt & Eva said...

That is the funniest video I have ever seen! I know exactly how you are feeling! Don't you just love it when they discover the noises they can make!