Friday, April 11, 2008

LeAnne is 6 months

LeAnne is 6 months old today. That is 183 days,15,811,200 seconds, 263,520 minutes, 4392 hours, or 26 weeks. :-) I swear she changes DAILY. It was a beautiful sunny day here in Dayton so I took her outside -- she touched the grass for the first time EVER - she didn't seem to mind and loves being outside. When she's really upset I walk outside with her and she almost instantly is better -- I call it her reset button. She also had her first taste of vanilla yogurt today and a tiny bit of chocolate milk shake. Both she LOVED!! She wasn't in the best of moods today. I think she's at the tail end of a cold and teething. For a while their was nothing either daddy or I could do to make her happy. She is outgrowing her swing. Thank goodness Grandma Marcia ordered her high chair and it will be in SOON. She is starting to like some fruits - bananas seem to be the best and will tolerate the oatmeal. She loves playing on the floor - she rolls all over and is starting to scoot. She thinks it's fun to grab our faces with both of her hands and squeeze -- OUCH! Of course she loves grabbing our hair and holding! OUCH!!! She kinda says ma ma, sometimes it sounds more like ah ma but only says it when she's either hungry, not feeling well or tired. My mom get use to that one. She's not squealing quite as much and laughing a TON more. Her smile will melt your heart! She has started to be leery of strangers and definitely knows who mama and daddy are. Last week I left her with John so I could go get my hair cut and when I got home she was so happy. I turned to mush -- I don't experience that often. PRAISE GOD our savings has held out and I have been able to be home with her. I continue to look for work knowing God will provide and He has a perfect plan. Oh poor thing -- I think she must have poked her eye cause she has a small red spot on it. She goes in for her 6 month check up and shots on the 17th so I'll have the Dr check it out. We plan to have her pictures taken too but I don't know if we will have time before John leaves for Arkansas April 20th, that may be a job for grandma and I. LeAnne and I survived our first 2 night shifts. EEKS I didn't sleep for nothing and it was pretty lonley -- I've gotta get out and meet some people. I need to go see a Chiropractor next week because I messed up my back and walking is no fun. I hope it's something he can help with because I don't wanna go to a Dr and will NOT have anymore surgery. I don't have time to be down so I just gut through the pain. It slows me down and I HATE it. Little girl will be on the move before I know it and I need to be able to keep up with her. :-) I am thinking LeAnne should be up to eat any second and then we can all go to bed. Oh that's the other thing she is sleeping better --most nights she sleeps at least 6 hours in a row and now more often she is sleeping 7-8 hours. Yahooooooo!! Gotta love it!! Thanks for reading my babblings! :-)

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