Wednesday, April 9, 2008

6 months in a few days!

It seems so unreal that our little princess will be 6 months old on Friday! Oh how life has changed for our family. New baby, moved across state, bought first home, John started new job, I quit my job and continue to search for a new job, and Amanda turned 15 April 8th. Ooofta!

Savana watched LeAnne for us Tuesday evening while John and I went out to dinner. We tried a nice local restraunt in town. We had a nice dinner and lots of fun being together. Sav did great with LeAnne.
Tonight is John's first shift. LeAnne was one grumpy girl tonight. I think her cold is still hanging on a bit. She finally went to sleep about 9pm after finishing a bottle. :-) SWEET!! I've got laundry going and now I am going to surf for a while. I am not looking forward to going to be knowing John's not home. I am half temped to sleep in my chair to be closer to LeAnne.

We had a great time last weekend with all our family in town. It was so nice to see Aunt katie, Grandma Nana and Grandma marcia. They couldn't believe how much LeAnne has changed.

I am going ot sign off for now because my attention span is short tonight. Here are a few recent pictures of our sweetie. We will be getting her 6 month pics done this weekend. Love ya'll

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